Audionet ART V.2

Anyone had an opportunity to hear and compare this interesting German Player?
Is it worth its not so inconsiderable cost?
This is a player I know very-very much, since I hear it 2-3 times a week in 2 friends of mine.
It is a good player but needs a good power cable so not to hear mechanic sound like the Siltech G5 or the Nirvana.
It is a good proposal in 3000 euro category.
A/B test with the Cary 306/200 (soon to be replaced with 306 sacd) Cary beat it hands down, my friend bought it 2nd hand for 2500 euro and it was far better than the audionet.
Another better competitor was the Audia Flight , which was more "musical" with better flow and liquidity.
Both the Cary and and the Audia are more expensive than Audionet. Audionet beats easilly the Densen, Primare, Musical Fidelity players of it's category.

Since I 've heard the new Cary 303/300 which beats the "old" 306/200 I can assume this the best proposal in 4000 $ but still more than the Audionet's price.

just my 2 cents.
I have heard the audionet art a number of times now, first to audition integrated amps, and then more recently in comparison to a Sim Moon Eclipse . I found the audionet player to be a bit bright and not as punchy in the low end in comparison to the Sim, however it did have a very enjoyable midrange (I will say I felt the same way about the audionet integrated, so this could be do to synergy problems as well). The build qualpity is first rate, and the toploading mechanism is great, but the looks are a little boring, in my opinion, compared to some other german toploaders (Accustic Arts for one). I think the previous poster is right in saying that the Cary 306/200 is a better player (can be had used around the price of the Audionet I think), but I disagree that the audionet beats the Musical Fidelity A5. I haven't heard the two players in an A/B comparison, but I just listened to the MF A5 last week and while it's not absolute favorite player, I think it's more special than the audionet, in that it's a more well rounded player. What gear are you thinking of mating it with, because that's really the kicker. As with everything, I think it's best to audition it with your equip if you can, but especially with this player as I noticed major differences when using it to test out integrateds, and also when doing an A/B test.
Thanks guys for your response.

I have the feeling that the transport is the real deal.
I agree with it being a little bright.
It's probably the inbuilt DAC that is the weakest feature.
In fact, the Art V2 can be ordered as a transport only. That´s what I did, for using it with a Chord DAC-64. As a transport, it´s outstanding.