Audion Sterling or Rogers High Fidelity 65V-1 owners ,what are your thoughts

i'm looking for a (el34 i think, first tube amp)warm sounding amp , velvety ,etc. looking for an newer amp with an older sound ,enjoy listening to great female vocals the most, have an pass-labs xa-25 , krell, want to try another direction , have a modwright preamp, great vocals are the most important part to me. thanks 
Thank you for posting your question. I was looking at Rogers High Fidelity recently and am intrigued by the 65V-1 and 65V-2 amps. 

I'm curious what current owners think about these amps. Amazing technology designed into these units and beautifully built. I'd love to hear them in my system. 

Thank You both for your interest in our 65V-1 and 65V-2 amplifiers. Let me know if I can answer any questions. Both amps are a single ended design using the EL34. As a result, they both have a very rich midrange. and sound great, especially with higher efficiency speakers. They are also switchable between triode and ultralinear mode from the front panel or the Iphone app. We do have a demo program if you're interested. Just give us a call at the shop. We also have a few demo units available for sale. They all have a lifetime warranty---Thanks- Roger