Audion Silver: Any opinions?

I've been assessing components for a full upgrade from a 12 year old Good Guys system. My first satori was listening to Magnepan 1.6QRs with VTL amps. But I later heard a Reynaud Trente powered by an Audion Silver integrated amp which had more immediate presence and a deeper sound stage, and the detail is great. But I'm an American - tuned to more is better, like 'Maggies need lots of power' etc. When I learned that the Audions pushed 7.5 wpc, my chin dropped. So now I'm trying to figure out speaker efficiency and all that. My muscle car side says go with the higher powered system, but my ears tell me the Audion/Trente config sounds better.
What is your experience with the Audion Silvers? Any like sounding amps in the price neighborhood which I should consider? Any comments on the Trentes? BTW, this site has the best information and community.
Hi CM: I just picked up an Audion Silver Night (the stereo version) a week ago and am using it with a pair of Renaud Twins and it is a nice match. My room is approx. 18 x 24 so high SPL's are not possible, but I generaly listen at moderate levels (just enough to bring out the full balance and details of the music). This setup is very musical but not as dynamic as other push/pull tube and SS systems that I have owned. But I can also say the same thing about certain planer speakers that I also like a lot. I have heard some people say that the 300b's are better suited for certain types of music (you know the types) but I find them to be good all around performers as long as you do not exect high SPL's on complex material. This would all change for the better of course with highly efficient and easily driven speakers. I am still using the stock Chinese tubes and will be trying out a pair of Svetlana 300b's shortly as well as experimenting with other driver tubes (the sound can only improve). I purchased this amp mainly because I have never owned a 300b amp before and also because I did not want to deal with the high efficiency speakers required for 2A3 amps (100db plus). If I stick with it long enough I will consider going to a speaker in the mid 90's efficiency wise down the line or moving it to a much smaller room that I also have a system in. Probably the latter.
Always trust your ears.