Audiomods Tonearm.....

Inquiring about the Audiomods tonearm last week and here is the response from Jeff. This sounds exciting!!!

I have very limited availability of the Series Five arms now because I am working on the next version, which should be ready this Spring. Though it will use lot of the Series five elements, it will be a major departure based around a carbon fibre/aluminium composite arm tube and should include azimuth adjustment and be available as 9 and 10.5" version.There will be an upgrade path from the Series Five arms.I don't have any pictures or more details because I've commissioned arm tube parts that won't be with me until March.
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Thanks for the info!  I have a couple of Jeff's arms and find them to be one of the biggest bargains out there.

Highly recommended...
Yes indeed, thanks for the update. I agree with MoFi, Jeff's arms are a tremendous bargain. I have greatly enjoyed his series IV arm.
Very exciting! I have a Series V with micrometer and silver wiring option that is going on my new currently-being-manufactured Sota Nova new Series VI. Can't wait to get my ears on it! 
If anyone learns more about the new version, please post! Cheers,
The break in period is for real ! It's amazing how much the sound changes as it gets some time on it.....