AudioMetallurgy Zero I.C.'s

Does anyone out there use any of the AudioMetallurgy products, particularly the Zero RCA interconnects? If so, what have you compared in their price range and how do they rate...
I've had the GA0's for over a year now and I'm quite pleased with them. To me, they give you the best attibutes of copper and silver and none of the downsides. Nice detail and extension at the extremes without any glare or etching, and nice mid bloom and bass without any darkness or flab. Previously used Audience AU24, Grover UR's (?)some Kimber PBJ's and Nordost Red Dawn. They aren't the easiest cable to route, I found them pretty stiff and they are completely inflexible for probably the first six or seven inches after the rca due to their makeup so you need some room behind your equip.
I've had them for over 2yrs. Compared them to cardas golden reference and harmonic tech magic link and they are significantly better!
They're a very neutral and detailed cable.
Echo the remarks above, replaced Audience conductors. Seem to work well with both SS and tubes
Thank you all for your responses. I've had a 2 meter set for some time now and appreciate all of the qualities that you have mentioned. I have not had the pleasure of comparing them to anything else so I guess I was just curious as to what others who have compared them to other mid to high-end cables thought. Thanks again...
In my all-MBL system I use AM Zero's throughout and their Golden Reference speaker wire. Sounds fantastic to me. :)

I did experiment with Synergistic Teslas (Acoustic and Precision Reference models) before deciding, but they wouldn't provide anything the AM's already had. The Teslas did sound as great though, but the AM's are vastly cheaper so it was a simple choice.
Osgorth, the Tesla cables are best used as a system thoughout.
Osgorth, Sorry last posting was from my Blackberry so text was limted.

What I mean is using one Tesla cable is ok , but as you continue to add them to your system the soundstage will get deeper and wider.
Adding them meaning, Power cords, interconnects and speaker cables.
Ozzy, I did use the Teslas throughout. I had the Reference AC chords (there were no Tesla power chords back then), the Precision Reference interconnects and I switched back and forth between Acoustic and Precision speaker cables.

Then I took all of it out and put AM GA-0 interconnects throughout and the Gold Reference speaker cable, and changed the power chords to DIY chords that my dealer makes + one Black Sand Statement One on the preamp. Overall, the sound was very close to the Teslas, and in some areas it was better. The midrange had slightly more warmth to it, making voices sound very realistic. The Black Sand powerchord gave a wonderful sparkle to the top that wasn't there before too, I found out after some detective work. :)
Which Black Sand powercord?
Told you - Statement One (with Acrolink plugs)