Audiomeca vs. Audio Aero

Has anyone compared the Audio Aero Capitole (which I know) to the Audiomeca Mephisto 2x (which I have not heard) ? I'd like to know whether the Audiomeca has the same presence and energy on attacks as the Capitole (after all they do share some innards...).

Thanks !
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I had the chance to audition both the Aero and Mephisto 11.X. You are correct they do share the same chips(dac). I found both of them exceptional sounding one box players. A liquid midrange, extended highs and solid bass. I researched threads here on Audiogon and elsewhere and found serious questions on the dependability of the Aero( I understand that may have been corrected). In the end I decided on the Audiomecca and have been quite pleased with it. It did have a rather long burn in time though.
How long of a burn-in period ? I also heard the Audiomeca may be a tad warmer and less detailed... Is that correct ?

It took about 200 hours in my system for the Audiomecca to sound its best. As far as warmer or more detailed I found them very similiar but in my system, the Audiomecca edged the Aero in detail, more analog if you will. I should say that the differences were not night and day and probably somewhat system dependent. I went with the Audiomecca on sound and built quality but I believe I could live with either one very easily.
Thanks. Do you own separates, or the one-box CDP ? Any difference ?
I have heard both the Audiomeca and the Audio Aero, but not their newest versions, although it is my understanding that neither the Mephisto IIx nor the Capitole Mk II break any new ground in sound, although they may sound slightly different from the earlier versions. In my listening, the Audiomeca was better. Exceptional detail, holographic midrange, tremendous air around instruments, excellent mid and high frequency presentation. No brightness or harshness, but exceptional detail with liquid midrange, clarity and transparence throughout. The Capitole sounded like a good player to me, no obvious flaws, but in the couple of times that I heard it, it didn't strike me with the exceptional qualities which I heard in the Audiomeca. The Audiomeca unfortunately doesn't have killer dynamics or killer deep bass. In my opinion, these are the only things it lacks. The Capitole has never tripped my trigger, perhaps due to less than excellent recordings or room conditions or associated equipment.

I now have a Mephisto II.X player, and can confirm that the new CDM 2.0 transport AND new Anagram II DAC significantly improve dynamics, detail & bass response over the previous models. It seems that "killer dynamics or killer deep bass" are the only commonly-noted shortcomings of the older models, and I feel that Audiomeca has directly addressed both issues with these updates. Perhaps it will not be labeled as overly 'lush' or 'warm' anymore due to this increase in resolution and dynamics, but you could certainly NEVER call this one 'lean' or 'uninvolving', either.

With my Pass pre & amp and Talon speakers, the Mephi 2X has staggering dynamics and speed, and the new transport is absolutely dead-quiet once the TOC is read. I have also been unable to find a single CD that it will not play, even some heavily scratched older ones that would not work at all in other players I have used.

I also agree with the observations from REC about break-in - it is very long. I have been instructed by the dealer to give it around 400 hours before it fully assumes it's sonic personality.

Just MHO, but I am DONE buying 2-channel players, guys...
Would any of you like to weigh in on how the Audio Aero and/or Audiomeca compare to the Accuphase DP-75v ? I assume in asking for a comparison that you have heard these CDP's head to head in the exact same system, preferably, your own, for enough time to get to know the players.

Thank you.
Well, I have heard the Accuphase and Audio Aero in my system. My point of view is simple: I did not give a second thought to the Accuphase, which I found had a very peculiar (very Accuphase, I am told) kind of sonic signature. Very flattering, though. But far from what I am used to hearing in live music...
Thanks, Lyp.