Audiomeca Mephisto II problem with copied CD's

For those who has intimate knowledge on the Audiomeca Mephisto II CD player, please share your experience on this. When I played the copied CD on the Mephisto II, it would play from one song to the next OK. But when I press Next button on the player (or on the remote control), the player seems to start searching and a few seconds later, it would stop and the display shows 0:00 and I would have to open and close the lid to reset the player. This does not happen on the original CD (at least for now). Also, when the lid is open, is the laser still active (on)? If it does, this could pose a health hazard to the eye, don't you think? Please help...
it needs an simple adjustment.
I can't make a lot of comment on the copied cds since I tend not to use them but leaving the lid open on my mephisto II (not the X) is one way I can actually make some disks sound better. This tip was raised by a number of people and I have found it to be true with a fair number of disks thought not all. As long as you don't go looking at thelaser it should be safe. I have no idea why this works but on some it really does make some disks sound much more open. Drop me a note if you have any questions
Chichiuno: Please elaborate on simple adjustment.
Do you mean adjustment by Audiomeca or by user? Is it the
tracking adjustment that you are refering to? Thanks.

Gajgmusic: Thank you very much for your response. I also read a lot of threads on this site regarding opening the lid. I thought when you open the lid, the player automatically reset, the drive stop and the laser suppose to be turned off. But I guess I am wrong because you and a few others had tried and found it to have better performance. Have you ever had to use the tracking adjustment knob? I wonder why the new Mephisto II.x does not include this knob anymore since this suppose to be a great feature by Audiomeca. Also, do you have any tips for cleaning and buffing this beauty? I know the manual recommend using chamois to clean but I afraid the oil on the chamois might make it dull looking.
Dear Pacrat

Sorry I didn't see the post sooner. Opening the lid on the II (I can't say for the IIx) does not cause problems. Just don't touch the lid (ie try to open or close it when you are playing it). With regards to cleaning, I believe there is a special cloth that they have to clean it. That is what I use and it works well. You have to be very careful with it. With regards to the tracking wheel that was to be for difficult to track cds but honestly I have never used it. Drop me a note if you have any other questions

Hi Gary,
Thank you very much for your reply. Your answers are
great and I really appreciate your time to help a fellow
Audiogon member. I also took the liberty to look into
your system section and learn a great deal. By the way,
I notice you had some kind of marble slab below the
Mephisto II, is it really important? Again, thank you for
your time.
Dear Pacrat

My pleasure to help out. The slab is actually a symposium svelte shelf. The player sits on rollerblocks upside down. The stand is a custom built unit. Proper isolation is really important for this player and I would strongly suggest something. I tried darumas and thought they were very good. They are substantially cheaper than this solution its just I got these for free from a friend and they are also a big improvement.

Take care