Audiomat Maestro v Audio Aero Prima SE DAC

I know, this is an odd question, but has anyone had the opportunity to compare these two DACs? And if so, which came out on top and why?

Thanks in advance ....
Nada? No one heard these two DACs?
I owned the Audio Aero DAC and it was used with a Sony SCD-1 as transport, and Siltech Golden Ridge digital cable. It was one the best redbook players I have heard and well worth the money to me. Before it I had used the Audio Aero Capitole MKII, or Cary 306/200. I liked the Sony/Prima combo better than both of those.
I have heard of Audiomat.....not heard the products but honestly the maker/importer/fruitcake is enough to scare me in any other direction, even out of audio if that was the only other option. Just my 2 cents.