Audiomat Arpege tube amp

I'm curious what experience others have had with the Audiomat Arpege tube amp. I am auditioning it with Meadowlark Shearwaters and enjoying it very much. Anyone have any experience with this amp over time ? Thanks
Does anyone have any experience or comments on this piece ? I have read a review of it that was very positive and it evidently has been available at least two years. It is simple in terms of controls(on-off switch, volume control and line selector). Has anyone compared it to other integrated tubes(CJ CAV 50 or the Cary intergrated 300 SEI)? Thanks
I own an Arpege and love it. I upgraded from a Audio Refinement. It is unbelievable. I am using it with kestrels the shearwaters might want more power. It is much better than the CJ Cav 50 and the Cary
Have you had any problems with it from a repair point of view and have you had to replace the tubes yet ? Any tweaks suggested for the tubes ? Thanks
I've had the arpege for a few moths now and it has worked flawlessly. It is nicely built and treated with care looks as though it will last a long time. It has proved very revealing and incredibly enjoyable to listen to. I would call Jon Goldman at as he also carries the meadowlarks and the arpege. Iw ould recommend the arpege without reservation and surprisingly I've seen a couple used here for @$1400. As for long term repair I think that the company has been around and has a stable presence in europe. It is a simple enough circuit that and repaiman should be able to easily solve any problems down the road in case anything happened with the company. I contacted the importer Pascal Ravatch at to ask haim about the possibility of upgrading or experimenting with tubes. He said that the unit is optimised and tuned with the included tubes and that any change would most likely degrade the performance. The included tubes are of very good quality(Sovtek). Good luck.. Have fun