AudioMachina V8

Anybody buy one?  Your review.

$398 Whoa! Whoa! Would be interested to hear from folks that have used it. i
At least there is some real world logic to it, and the ad copy says nothing about "quantum" or "nano"-anything.  The question would be whether absorbing the vibrational energy at the headshell is a good thing, or not. I suspect that if it works, it would work best with low compliance cartridges, which generate more spurious mechanical energy than high compliance ones.
I own one. He was running a special for agon members.
He seems to be a nice guy.
Ive used it with many cartridges on a Sony PUA-7
and Jelco 750. I can’t comment on a night and day difference. Seems smarter than a Houdini...
the effect may not be as dramatic as I am using with a Korf 
ceramic headshell. Makes for an expensive spacer in my case....