Audiolab, Rowland integrated - nothing in between?

Of course there is something in-between. Question is if it's worth it. I am thinking about uprading my Audiolab 8000LX integrated but even used Rowland or perhaps Gryphon are beyond the reach at the moment. How much would I really gain if I got, say, Naim or Plinius or whatever?
My Michael Green Design free resonance speakers need really good control or they become loose. Audiolab does OK but it's not good enough. And I want more resolution, better imaging, soundstage etc. Cables are Purist Audio Colossus.
So. what do you think?
Naim Supernait much better than the Audiolab.
anthem 225.
Krell S 300i.
What about Exposure or Sugden?
I second the Naim.
Redgum Audio out of Australia makes a very good product.

You see, that was exactly my point. Used Rowland goes for about $2500. Why would I want to spend $1500 or so for something lesser instead of waiting for a while?
Also, I heard that Naim sounds too forward, don't know about that Australian stuff. I don't like Krell sound except for very old Krells, the same with Levinsons.
What kind of mucis are listening?
Have you considered tubes?
Or how about used Mc separates? For about $1500 - $2000 you can get a nice combination of used pre and power amp.
Zoya, I listen mostly to jazz/rock fusion and what can be very generally called world music including tribal/ambient. I appreciate dynamics,low distortion, clarity and power of the sound but also certain sophistication of it.If I could I would get LAMM or Rowland separates. $2000 used doesn't buy much; besides I would need a really good interconnect and another power cord which would be at least $500-$750 more. So Rowland or Gryphon integrated seem like a logical upgrade. And after that, yes, separates.
YBA Integre DT - great preamp section - far more detailed than the Audiolab (I've owned both)
The best SS integrated that I have used is the Bryston B-60SST. You should be able to find one used at your budget. Great sound, bullet proof build quality, excellent customer service and warranty!
Thanks, Mik971. Unfortunately, best you've used is not of much help without knowing what else you've used.
I second the redgum endorsement. The RGi120 is outrageously good for the money they go for used. Auditory memory is faulty, but I prefer it the Plinus 8200MKII I owned.
Sorry, should have elaborated more.... I have owned Mac Seperates (solid-state), Sunfire Seperates, Rotel and Arcam, and NAD Integrateds. The Bryston was the most balanced, best sounding unit to my ears. It has warmth, detail, great bass control... I paired it with B&W and MB Quardt speakers with great success. The only reason I sold it was to try out tubes. (which I am currently hooked on)
YBA Passion Integre could be an option. Anyone knows it well? How is the PRaT, dynamics and bass? I would not worry about the transparency, soundstage etc. - I am sure it's excellent at that.
Try a Yamaha of the best bang for your buck products on the market today! A "CLASSIC" that we will talk about for a long time!
Maybe the Pass Labs INT-150 that is for sale might work for you.
I had an 8000LX and it was a pretty decent budget offering. I loved it for the time I had it and ran it with Mourdant Short and Dynaudio speakers. When it came time to upgrade it was quickly shown up as somewhat gray and limp compared to other more costly options. Amoungst others I tried the Q/M combo (the later silver versions) which injected life and drive, great rockers if lacking in transparency and finesse and finally settled on Musical Fidelity. The A5 intergrated was a little recessed in the midrange, a little soft but still a big step on from the 8000LX and I settled on an A5 pre/pwr combo which I thought a fabulous combo for the money particularly when bought ex-dem from a dealer. I'm sure many of the amps mentioned would show the Audiolab a very clean pair of heels but if you're still enjoying it why worry, just keep on enjoying.
Well, I doubt that many use this Audiolab with $500 power cord, $800 interconnects and $1600 speaker cables. If not, they have no idea of how much performance you can extract from it. But..I think I got out of it everything or almost everything it is capable of.
I decided to get Rowland integrated or older separates when I can afford them. In the meantime I'll try to fine tune the analog fron end. Actually the system doesn't sound too bad at all.
Thank you everyone for your posts.
As some of you recommended, I decided not to wait for years to be able to afford Rowland or Gryphon and got Redgum RGi120. Great stuff. Before buying I talked to them in Australia. The company appears to be in a good shape. They replied next day and were quite helpful.