Audiolab 8300A or NAD C368 or schitt freya S ?

I need a new preamp or something that can act as a preamp. I  am not wanting to spend too much on old crap so I have had to look at a couple of intergrateds as well.
the ones I have almost bought were the NAD C368 and the Audiolab 8300A.

the audiolab has 2 preaouts so I can run my amps and it can be set multiple ways as a real pre or a  combo I think. I have no idea how it sounds.

the NAD I guess sounds like all Nads..warm but I am afraid of the reliability of them.  ive had 4 or 5 nads and not had problems but they have changed hands again. dont know if they are worse
then there is the schitt Freya S.  totally different animal but it is new and dhas 5yr warranty. Im leaning towards this even though its plain and simple with no gimmicks.

I like a warm sound . I have recently aquired some Onix Rocket 850's that I am replacing a couple drivers on . I have external amps also to power it all up