Audiolab 8200CD & CDQ

I was wondering if anyone knows of any differences between the Audiolab 8200CD and 8200CDQ with the exception of preamp and headphone out?
If anyone has a 8200CDQ and has used the headphone out, could you tell me if you like it? I have some AKG702's that have been collecting dust because they sound so horrible with my Rogue Cronus Magnum.
My understanding is that the 8200CDQ has some improvements in terms of the power supply and other internal items(can't recall exactly which) that were developed after the 8200CD went into production.

In other words, even if you don't need the preamp function, the 8200CDQ will be a better sounding unit.

I have had an 8200CDQ for about a month and it is quite good. Haven't listened to the headphone amp yet but it is supposed to be able to drive more demanding pairs no problem I believe.

Love the form factor on this unit--I think we'll see more players with multiple digital inputs and USB in the coming years.

I just replaced an Arcam CD23T and a Lavry DA10 with the Audiolab and I don't miss either at all. Not sure that the Audiolab is a giant killer but it sounds great and represents excellent value for dollar I think.

The filter settings are quite effective as well to help make the player mesh with the rest of your system.
Thank you Audiojedi. I thought I had read somewhere that the CDQ had some other improvements.
You could check out the Audiolab threads on Pink Fish Media. They go into great detail about the latest developments and revision, and John Westlake contributes.
Thanks Afranta. I guess I'm going to find out the easy way. My wife broke me the news that she ordered me a 8200cdq for my birthday ! ! ! ! !