Audiolab 8000Q preamp?

Has anyone come across this preamp? I have actually heard it partnered with tube VTL power amp at my friend's studio and it sound surprisingly good. The mid is rich, bass is tight, highs are beautiful.

I always think the right combination should be tube pre + SS power. However, I was surprised that SS pre + Tube power can perform so well.
Can any one explain why?
Audiolab was a highly respected british manufacturer, I would say more highly regarded than Quad in England. They were bought out by TagHeuer, so you don't see the name anymore. Audiolab equipment is renowned for being neutral and accurate. It's not to everyone's tastes, but it might explain why it works well in a system with valves elsewhere in the signal path.
Used audiolab equipment is tremendous value in the US due to its obscurity.
Audiolab (first name) later changed its name in Camtech (at least for European countries) and then later int Concept (murphy's law). Then they were taken over and nowadays the gear is sold under the Mclaren brand.

I used Audiolab gear for many years with great pleasure. It seems that they make little real mistakes so one can continue to enjoy even while upgrading the rest of the system. As a matter of fact, I just bought an Audiolab integrated (8000A) for my bedroom system.

I purchased a used Audiolab 8000Q pre-amp about three months ago for $450 at a store that sells both new and used items. I am very pleased at the smoothness of the sound. It did not have an owners manual with it and I am in the dark about the product. Does this company produce durable products? The salesman told me to keep the audiolab turned on all the time even when not listening playing music. I am. Is this the correct proceedure for a pre amp of this type?
Audiolab no longer exists, having been acquired by Tag MacLaren a few years ago. Audiolab products, however, have a great reputation for durability. I have an 8000A integrated which was manufactured in 1986 that I bought second hand in 1990 and has been turned on 24 hours a day since then with the exception of storms and holidays. I had to re-cap the phono stage last year, but, with the exception of the odd volume control cleaning, that has been it for an amp that still sounds excellent. Your 8000Q was probably not manufactured unitl at least 1994, so you are probably in very good shape for quite some time. I would agree with your salesman that you should leave it turned on all the time.
Agree with Hdm. Audiolab produced very good, high quality products. You've got a great amp there. Audiolab was a no-frills company so the casing looks cheaper than some of its competitor, but taking the lid off reveals a well designed and high quality PCB. It should last 20 years.
Leaving it on is probably best, unless there's a lightning storm nearby in which case unplug it completely. Constantly switching it on and off leads causes it to heat and cool, which causes the components to expand and contract. This can cause component failure, most usually in the electrolytic capacitors.
Thanks for the answers. Another question, during March of 2003 I will give a gold watch to my Hafler 500 which is at least twenty years old and look for an amp to power my B&W 620i's. My buget will be $1,000. Any suggestions as to what good quality used amp to look for to go with my Audiolab? As far as power 100wpc or greater should be enough. I am aware that I can pick up a new Rotel at 200wpc at approx. $1,000. If I can pick up a used amp that sounds significantly better I will do so. Any suggestions as to what brands to investigate in that price range?