Audiolab 6000N

I would like to purchase a dedicated streamer for Tidal and internet radio for $500-600. Node2i seems to be an obvious choice in this price range but has anyone had any hands on with the Audiolab 6000N?


For what it’s worth, I bought an Audiolab 6000a for a family member to replace an NAD 3045 D and the Audiolab sounds much better in their space with some older Wharfdale Diamond speakers just streaming with aptX from an iPhone or Computer.  The DAC on the Audiolab is very well implemented.  That said, the Bluesound looks like it has outstanding functionality, and if using it only as a pure streamer with a high quality external DAC, reviews and user reports indicate it is excellent.  To me it looks hard to beat as a streamer until you reach many multiples of the offering price.