Audiogoners, I love you........

After over two years with Audiogon, I want to express how much this site has come to mean to me. Over and above the buying and selling, this is a place teaming with life and interaction. I know so many names and personalities, even though probably many of them don't know who I am. I could give names, but I won't, because I don't want those I'd fail to mention to feel slighted or forgotten. There is so much intelligence and passion here; so much that is shared and given freely.

I may not agree with everyone or like everything that is said, but that doesn't matter. The fact that so many have so much to express and do express it -- this is what is important.

It isn't that I don't have a life -- I do. But Audiogon has become a PART of that life & I want to thank the people who, collectively, make that part of my life possible. Your experiences, opinions, likes, hatreds -- I appreciate it all.

I haven't participated as much in the forums as I have in the past, due to a big move and some major life problems, but I still go to this site on a regular basis, and find so many of you in the threads, alive and kicking, and it invigorates me. How freely so many of you give responses to those looking for help and recommendations with their problems. Those of you who do this, you deserve to be complemented and given heartfelt thanks. Some of you have done this for me in my learning curve, and I truly appreciate it. Even though I have posted less frequently in the last half year, when I see a post where someone with less experience than I is looking for help, I will try to take the time and answer, because I want to give of myself in this little way, too.

Audiogon --- many thanks to you for making this site such a great one. Your passion, enthusiasm and dedication often goes unnoticed. Although I may not always agree with what you decide to do with particular issues, you have done a GREAT JOB. Thanks again, Audiogon.

And, again, THANKS to those great Audiogoners who I have come to know, some more personally than others, some only through reading their writings. A great bunch of people in one of the greatest hobbies......
I have to second Kevziek's comments. While i frequent a few other audio forums, this one feels the most like "home" to me. This is probably because of the great people that make up our "family" and community. To all of those that have helped me in the past and are willing to share your thoughts and opinions ( regardless of whether we agree or not ), i'd like to take my hat off to you and bow in humility and Thanks. I do appreciate all of the effort that so many of you put forth, be it on a daily basis or on rare occassion. Sean
Gosh Guys I think I'm getting all misty eyed.

Kevziek I agree with you 100%. This site is a daily visit for me, usually 2 times a day. I really look forward to the forum to see what Audiogoners are talking about. It is the best site on the web. I always recommend it when I can.

Somehow you just knew the Audiogon Love Fest was going to arrive. It is a great site. I've learned a lot from it, and hopefully been able to help a few A-goners on the way. As Sean says, it feels like home--I almost feel as though I know many A-goners personally although have never met them in person.
I have four passions other than family. I flyfish and can't begin to tell you how generous other flyfishers are. I drag race and have multiple stories to tell about the kindness of others involved with this sport. I love music and feel that others also inflicted share from the soul. I'm a photographer and that's another story.....

Great site. Great people.
Ever since I came across Audiogon (about three years or so) I’ve felt very much at home, Audiogon is #1 to me. I've made lots of email friends.
I agree with all said. The best site I've seen.
It's not only the best site I've seen, it's an institution of higher learning!
If you love audio or music is a big part of your life need i say more.
Without this site, my current system would have never exist...thanks to bunch of good people.
You guys are really sick - of course so am I.
Hi K; I haven't been posting much lately either for various reasons, but I check the Forum and ads pretty much daily. I totally agree with your observations about Audiogon too, and in the past have called this site my "home away from home". A well stated thread. Thanks Kevziek. Cheers. Craig
What's an Audiogon?

Just kidding.

This community benefits everyone. Audiogoners that were local have become regulars at my Tuesday night music sessions.

My best friends, and even my wife were met through the music industry or my audio hobby. A very long term and positive part of my life.
Audiogon was the best thing to happen to me after many years away from the audio scene. In just the last 6 months I have learned an enormous amount from a lot of Audiogoners. From all this input I have been able to put together a modest high end system of pre-owned equipment at far less than retail prices. I am on this site so often lately that the wife recently mentioned that I was becoming obsessed and that I needed to get my priorities in order.After thinking to myself that I already had my priorities straight, I sheepishly said, "You're right, Honey, I need to get away from this site". Well, I'm still here. Thanks to all members and thanks Kevziek for starting this thread. I'll stop now as I think I'm getting a little misty-eyed as well.
I learn something on this site every day, and have met some nice people on top of it. Thanks , Tom G
What I love most about this site (besides the fanatasic deals on mint-condition used equipment from trustworthy and knowledeable people)... is that the A'gon forum provides a free education for novices like myself, and an opportunity for individuals with more advanced knowledege/experience to openly debate their ideas and opinions peacefully.

A'gon has become a part of my life as well, and to the extent that you, my fellow 'Gonners, have encouraged my evolution toward audio nerd-dom, I thank you kindly!
I'm truly impressed that Albert has opened his home to "computer strangers". There really is a sincere sense of community here.
I knew some of the familiar names would respond. Hi - Garfish, Albertporter, Sean, Ligj, Rosstaman.

Sean, your reference to a "family" and a "community" is right on. That's the ambience you get here. Sean, you must be near the top of the list of the most prolific threads writers.

Albertporter, you have become an icon here, and your untiring willingness to answer the neophyte's common questions has been noticed, at least by me. If I lived anywhere near you, I'd be at your house every Tuesday.

Jadem6, your writings are valued and frequent.

Rosstaman, you summed it up: an institution of higher learning........

Thanks, guys, you make a tear come to my eyes.....
Kevziek, i look at it this way: If i run my mouth ( or keyboard in this case ) often enough, something that makes sense is bound to come out sooner or later. I'm just glad that you folks haven't strung me up and stoned me yet : ) Sean
Sean, stone you??? I think they're thinking of making a virtual stone sculpture of you! Would you like one arm or two? Standing or on a horse? Sabre or soldering iron?

Kevziek, and all, I absolutely agree. This site and your musings and generosity have added to my life. At the very least, I have a place that reminds me I am relatively sane despite my excessive commitment to audio ;-) More than that, I have learned much here: Both about audio and about the value of sharing time with others. Thank you all.
I must have missed this one before- how ever after reading it all I concur, simply the best. I am far to tired to add any wit so I won't even try, good day everyone ~Tim
Surely, everyone by now, must know that this site is a daily part of my life. Rarely does a day go by that I don't read and post on Audiogon. Sometimes I will check this site 3 or 4 times a day. Since I don't have any real audiophiles in my local area, I get my "fix" here, on the Audiogon. Nobody around where I live understands my audio obsession, and they think I'm nuts spending all this money on equipment. They think I should buy a new lawn tractor or fishing boat. This is the only place where I can converse(electronically) with other audio-freaks. It's a great addition to my life.