Audiogoners Anonymous?

The first step is knowing that you have a problem.

And mine is that I am so interested in this site, that I could forget about everything else I need to do personally and professionally when that Audiogon home page tempts and teases me nearly every waking hour from my Favourites folder.

Knowing this habit and my skillful ability to jump in and out and around this site, checking up to the minute posts and prices, my girlfriend often peers over my shoulder while I am "just checking my emails" or "just finishing a bit of work" before going to sleep -- only to bust me and ask if I am back on Audiogon again.

Has anyone else had this problem? Or does anyone have some technical solutions?

I am beginning to wonder if my day might be more productive if my desk had two or three computers and only one with web access? Do any of you work on a separate computer?

Prehaps then I might focusing more on the riveting details of my contact database, spreadsheets, and word documents instead of hearing the latest opionions on AC outlets.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
I can only commiserate and can't offer any solutions (other than removing internet access). I do admit to spending more time here than I should, but business is so bad these days (we service the airline industry) that I have more free time on my hands than I would want. A lot of my time here is spent offering advice. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think helping those who ask may nuture some growth to what is a shrinking hobby.
CW- scary, I could have written the same post, just putting wife in for girlfriend. Just let her know that its better than looking at porn sites (unless you do that, too.). BTW, a friend who is a computer tech says he's never been asked to service a computer that doesn't have in its history or temp files evidence of surfing to porn sites. So since you and I are the only two exceptions to this rule, we can proudly boast that its not a problem, its the price we pay for having high moral fiber ;~).
I've got it bad. I need a 12 step program, but I am in denial. I just bought another DL103R cartridge, as a spare. And the one I already have only has 100 hours on it. I press the refresh button every few minutes to see if another new forum post appears. I answer obvious "trolling" posts. I read the classifieds several times a day, even though I don't plan to buy anything. During my spare time, I look through all the virtual systems, to see what everybody else has. I do have some contact with the outside world(I email other Audiogon members and have e-conversations). Luckily, I am semi-retired, and don't have to do much work to live. But now I want to get more money to support my audio habit. I sometimes have nightmares that my computer broke, and I have to spend my audio money to replace the computer, so I can read about more audio stuff. Could my computer benefit from a hospital grade outlet and a high-end power cord? Sometimes I go grocery shopping and stop off at the pawn shops looking for used records and spend my grocery money, and come home with records. I keep some canned beans on hand for such emergencies. My Rottweiler views such behavior with much disdain. Some people reading this will think I am exaggerating.
Go easy on yourselves. Life is but a one time occurance and this type of activity isn't harmful to anyone. At least we have an opportunity to learn valuable information without paying the high price of admission. Even though this is an expensive hobby consider the bucks saved by learning what does work versus finding out on your own.

I log onto Audiogon by 7 am each morning and recheck the forums throughout the day. Sometimes I feel I have something to contribute and other times I don't. It's the people that bring me back. No guilt here.
Boy, oh-boy! I’m there too, maybe not as addicted as the above Audiogoner’s (my wife would disagree) but only because my job does not allow me the time to hook up with the computer more than twice during working hours for a short time. But later in the evening after dinner, Oh-boy it’s Audiogon, music and me!
I have a solution to your problem -get rid of the girlfriend. I am a bachelor and have no one to tell me that I have a problem, so I think this means that I don't have one, doesn't it? Maybe I'm just still in the denial stage.
One day the vintage component I've been daily searching for the last three years will appear and that day it shall be mine, bwahahaha... If it helps, remember rehab is for quitters :^)
suggestion to reduce time spent on audiogon purchase a audio aero Capitol Mark 2 CD player it's reduced my time spent here by 2-3 hours each day makes me listen instead of surfing.
I thought my wife wrote this thread.
"No really honey I'm just checking what's new, I'll be off in a second."
Man, can I relate to this post. My wife tells me that since I started on Audiogon, I am lieing to her for the first time in our marriage ( she thinks that anyway ) I have bought an entirely new (used) system from Audiogon members and have saved a bundle. I just wish the wife could appreciate that.Oh, well. Such is the life of the audiophile... Just last week, my wife asked me if I had bought anything lately from Audiogon. I immediately responded angrily, " No, I haven't!". Then she says, "Then what is this cable thingy for $300.00 I see on our Mastercard bill?" Oops,busted! My previous pet name from her was "Honey". Now it's "Sneaky Little Sh*t".Be brave,fellow Audiogoners.
Hello my name is Drew and I am an Audiogonaholic. It seems that I am not alone. I have been checking in less because I found a new obsession of purchasing MSFL CD's on Ebay. That is because my obsession with purchasing new, or as new, shoes on Ebay became rather expensive.

I like to think that my obsessive quirks are overshadowed by my strengths as a husband, father, and employee. At least that is what I like to think. Let me know where the meetings are so I can participate.

Swampwalker, c'mon I love Agon, it's my favorite audio site, but 'better than a porn site'? You may want to check again, there are some mighty fine porn sites out there nowadays. hehe
busted again!
I don't have any answers for this dilemma but I can certainly relate to many of the above scenario's.
However I do know enough to at least clean out my Cookies, Temp. & History files; come on guys you're slipping!
I do concur that helping those who ask may nuture some growth to what is a shrinking hobby; I try to do my part in that respect.
I knew I had "it" bad when my boss asked me the other day
"What are you doing right now....working for me or looking
for stuff on Audiogon?" I check the site first thing in
the morning and continue to check it throughout the day.
If I didn't have internet access all day at work, I'd probably quit! Anyway, it's at least comforting to know
others have it as bad as me!
What a great thread! I've been and audiogonaholic for almost a year now. It all started out slow, and then one day I just had to make my first purchase. It was a pair of Newform Research R645's and man did I love those big ugly guys!! Still do, in fact. Not too long after that, I answereed my first thread. It didn't seem like a problem to me then. I guess I was in denial. And it felt so good!

I just had to keep going back to the classifieds every night, and then it soon krept into my work. I was checking into audiogon several times each day, especially when I knew that the boss was out of the office and the coast was clear, but then they started to regulate our internet usage and I was called to the carpet because my list of websites visited "stood out" in the monthly printout! I was asked if I was giving my job 100% and abruptly told "there's the door if your heart is not in it anymore." This was my first wake-up call, but then the boss got transferred and I talked my buddy in IT into deleting the query from the system that generated that offenseive report! What the hell, the new boss won't even know that he can get such a report, and what good is it anyway?

My IT buddy reluctantly agreed, and when he asked for a grease payment, I knew just the answer! I offered to find him a sweet deal on a pair of speakers, ANY PAIR OF SPEAKERS, saying to him, "just give me a budget, damit, I can find you something that is WAY WAY BETTER than anything you'll find at Circuit City, trust me, I have my ways, don't ask questions or I'll have to tell all. Do you really want a technical explanation, or are going to just trust me? I NEED A BUDGET TO WORK WITH, DAMIT, JUST GIVE ME A BUDGET!"

As it turned out the IT conspiracy provided only a temporary fix, and soon the management reports reappeared, so I started going acroos the street to a cyber-cafe and was paying $7.50 per hour for audiogon access!! I'd sneak out for the morning "coffee break" then again at lunchtime and twice more in the afternoon. By then, I had built an entire system from audiogon transactions, made lots of 'goning friends, and even started some of my own threads! If only those Kimber 8TC's would arrive! What could be taking that guy so long to reterminate them for me? As that too much to ask for?

I finally gave in completely about two months ago and set audiogon as my home page, and haven't looked back since. It has been a marriage made in heaven, as they say (whoever "they" are). I now keep multiple audiogon windows open so I can refresh every 12 seconds on my "new today" page, check "my page" for any new feedback and/or for new posts to my active forum threads, and finally to keep an eye out for new forum posts like the post not too long ago about "why all the posts?".

It's always a delight to see contributions from the regulars!! I like it especially when a certain audiogon "couple" starts in on their lover's quarl again (and I KNOW that no explanation is required for those of you who are as addicted as I am)!

Pass the cookies. When's the next meeting?
So, which of you gets some perverse satisfaction from being the first to post a reply to a new thread? I've only done it a few times. (BWAAhahahahaha!)

My whole family can just casually glance over at the computer & see what I'm doing & the comments have become interesting. They first started referring to A-gon as the "collective" & everybody here is part of it. Now you're all my borg friends & they're just waiting for me to get sucked into the computer. (Tron, anyone?)

I do have an excuse though. I'm recovering from a work related injury & have been sitting at home since the end of January. I know I'm normal because once I return to work I'll only log on 2 or 3 times a day.

I have at least learned to get up from the computer before my wife comes home from work so she doesn't think I've been sitting here all day. Nah, I don't have a problem. Really. Seriously.
Hahaha.... I can see that we all have syringes labeled "Audiogon" hanging out of our veins : )

I think that you folks know that i have it bad. Just look at how many posts i make and how long they are : )

After talking to Audiogon Arnie, he "conned" me into signing up for "wideband". He told me that i would be kicking myself once i found out how much "better" it was than operating off of a dial-up. My installation is supposed to take place this Friday, so we'll see how it goes. Honestly though, i don't think it will save me much time when surfing. It is not so much "surfing" that takes up so much time, it is doing all of the typing that kills me : ) Sean

PS... If you are thinking about going "broadband", try stopping by Best Buy, Circuit City, etc... Their deal using AT&T is actually cheaper than going directly to the source.
Geez - i can't believe I'm number 17 to get onto this thread! Where have I been all day (flying to San Francisco).
She's really starting to get concerned about the Geekfest. She says it's getting worse. I tried to explain it to her, she isn't buying it. Says it's not normal. Not healthy. Sick, in fact. That we're all just a bunch of sick Goobers ticky-tick-tick-ticking away all the time about nothing. She yells up to me, What are you doing?! She walks in to check on what I'm writing. I say, What do you think you're going to see here that would be of any interest to you? Not a thing, she says. How can you stand it? she says. She says, I think you have a problem. I'm serious. You didn't do anything you said you were going to do today. The phone line is always tied up. You didn't come to bed last night. You need to get help. You need to get a life.


Nah - you kidding? I got it all under control.
Z: ahhahahaa.. Like i said, it is almost as "bad" as having a syringe hanging out or your arm. Believe me, i've heard the same thing, a million times over... : ) Sean
Sean, Zaikesman, those are two of the funniest posts I've seen, I laughed out loud! "... it is doing all of the typing that kills me" is great. I was going to say again that I don't have a problem, but here I am at 6:30 AM, typing away, so maybe...
From the Center for the Advancement of Health.TV slobs

"Television watching represents a major sedentary behavior in the United States; on average, a male adult spends approximately 29 hours per week watching TV, and a female adult, 34 hours per week."
At least we are talking, interacting, and thinking a little.
Not to mention the bull shi*ing. That is a real exercise of the active imagination! At least on my part.

I think we are the sane ones!

I remain
I have no problem, I can quit anytime I want to. If my wife was nicer or my bose was easier on me I'd never even come here. There is nothing compulsive about my Audiogon relationship or how it effects my life.

Take it from me, 23 years in the program, anyone who comes here more than once a day has a problem. If effects your personal life, your job or spirituality than you need help.
Jadem: "or my bose was easier on me?

Is that some deep Freudian audiophile slip? Is that what you really think of him? Is he a real small guy with an unbalanced response?

I remain
Geez, when one of us called "Clueless" constantly comes up with insightful remarks -- it makes you think, doesn't it ;)?
Clueless, maybe he's kind of a squat, oddly-shaped guy who always faces away from you, toward the wall, whenever he speaks. :-)

BTW, you're not claiming that Audiogoning isn't a "sedentary" activity physically, now are you?
JD, this is all tongue n' cheek! We've embellished our stories for comedic effect...
Tongue in Cheek? Poor Jd stuck working with a bose all day. That's very fatiguing after even a short time. Anybody have ideas for tweaks that might take the edge off? How about lining his chair with bubble wrap?

I remain
First of all, you guys need to start using the ALT+TAB feature. Just be sure to have another window open with (if at work) some random word document and (if at home) a half-written e-mail to your Mom or misc. friend and/or work associate (this of course, will always be half-written since it's only a decoy). An ALT+TAB jumps you immediately to the next window open. Reduce the bottom tool bar all the way to the bottom to take it out of view just in case inquiring eyes are savvy enough to see that tell-tale box at the bottom which spells out 'AudiogoN...' That aside, I've gotta fess up to a bit of an Audiogon fixation. I don't think it is possible, barring extreme discipline and mental effort, for me to check my e-mail without consummating the on-line ritual of following up with an Audiogon scan. Probably doesn't take up TOO much of my time, but 3 or 4 visits in a day certainly isn't out of the ordinary.
Rockvirgo, "rehab is for quitters."
haven't heard that one,

I have the same disease. Morning, day and night. I don't want to be a quitter!
Yes all tounge in cheek? Funny thing is I'm my own Boss, or Bose if you wish, or Boze!
I can quit any time - I just don't wanna!
...or Bozo...

(I actually had a customer once who insisted on calling it Boise, as in Idaho...)
Sean, you will love the wideband, faster gettin to that audiogon "fix"
I hope my wife doesn't see this thread. She won't get the joke, and think we all really are sick. This is a joke, right? I'm not really sick am I ? What's a few hours a day? Ok, maybe more than a few hours on weekends. I just don't want to miss that good deal on that amp that I can't afford right now. I just want to see it listed cheap. Then I would know if I had the money I would be able to get a good deal on it . Not sick. Just fun. Right?

I'm at 13 years in the program and feel I am much better off waking up with a new amp. than what I used to wake up with. The look of disgust on my wife when I walk in the door with a large cardboard box has me chasing high end cables for a while. Thank God I finally stopped playing with the credit card. Some of the deals...I HAVE TO HAVE THIS MAGIC BOX.......IT WILL KEEP ME HAPPY FOR AT LEAST 20 MINUTES!