Audiogon, Teres, OL Silver, Shelter, MU et al.

This is the last day of 2003, I would be remissed if I do not recount the wonderful experience I had with the Audiogon community who generously support my search for an analogue set up over the past 12 months. Like many of the novices in this hobby, I do not have time and money to waste as I have done with the low end equipments in the past 15 years. However, taking a plunge into this high end analog system is intimidating, to say the least, because I have neither the knowledge nor the mega bucks to spare. Yet, I like vinyl music. So I search through the Audiogon and Audio Asylum forums and read as much as I can learn. I find the Audiogon forum user friendly, its search engine and very interactive, and the information useful and accessible. Audio Asylum’s format and search engine are a bit clumsy -- may be I miss something there.

Then, I wrote to TWL, one of the very nice and knowledgeable persons at Audiogon. I am surprised that Tom responded to every (I mean every) email I wrote him. I asked him perhaps some of the stupid questions, but I never received any condescending remarks. Tom is fair and humble, he will not exaggerate or recommend things he would not own. Doug Deacon is another person who has helped me each step of the way as I put my system together. Thanks also to Chris at Teres, Jay at Audio Revelation, and John Chapman of Bent Audio, for all your assistance. I am sure there are many on Audiogon who have this kind of generous spirit.

Just a few days ago, I feel that my analog system is complete: Magus C (all Telefunken tubes), Bent Audio MU (TX103) step up, Teres 150 (I wish I can have the 200 series but 150 is what I can afford, and with no regret at all because it kills many turntables I have heard), OL Silver MKII arm with TWL’s Hi-Fi Mod, Shelter 501 MKII. My CD library is getting smaller and smaller and my LP library is growing. I have to fine tune the settings on the load resistance, the VTF, et al. But, I tell you, there is magic in my room every time I touch the silver arm. I am amazed that every time the stylus plays a good LP, I have as if a new set of ears. The cartridge and MU are not broken-in yet. This is not the best analogue system in the world, but perhaps the best for the money in my world.

I am grateful to a virtual community who take time to help me learn this fine art of music listening. You probably do not know how this art has helped my mental health and given me much joy in spite of pressures and pain in a broken world. I am touched.

If any of you have tips on fine tuning my system listed above, I would be grateful.

Thank you!

KK Yeo
i am very happy for you. that you have found and experienced the healing power of music via positive interactions with such generous persons as these shows what this hobby is really about. happiest of new years (and all to come)
I second that, being in the same boat. None of what I am trying to accomplish would be possible without the help of those here.

I would also like to thank Tom, Doug, Chris and all of the others who have tried to keep me going in the right direction. Sometimes I have a tendency to go off on a goofy tangent, but the recommendations here have kept that to a minimum.

Thanks all!!!!

"But, I tell you, there is magic in my room every time I touch the silver arm. I am amazed that every time the stylus plays a good LP, I have as if a new set of ears... This is not the best analogue system in the world, but perhaps the best for the money in my world."


Nicely put, and very glad to hear your system is up and running and that it sounds as good as you hoped. Having worked through the same process myself just a few months ago, I understand both the anxiety and the excitement.

You will learn more about your rig every day, and that anxiety will slowly fade. But the excitement will only grow.
Hi KK, and everyone. I am happy to be involved with such a nice group of guys who are also music lovers and audiophiles. Congratulations to you all on your great systems, and enjoy the music.

As far as recommendations go, all I can say is Audiopoints, Sistrum, and Sonoran. I use them, I sell them, and I recommend them. On the other Teres thread, Chris Brady was talking about the Teres non-suspended coupling theory, and it was very very similar to the Sistrum concepts that I also adhere to. I agree that the Teres sounds better direct-coupled, and so do most other things, when done properly. I am now using Audiopoints 1.5 AP1D under my 245, and they are an improvement over the standard cones(name withheld to protect the innocent)that came with the 245. Since I also basically invented the cocobolo "Kiss" cones that are now coming with the 265, and have the original prototype set in my posession, I can say that the Audiopoints do better than those cones also. I'm working with Starsound to produce an Audiopoints upgrade package for the Teres line of TTs, and I'll be talking to Chris about this also.

Happy New Year to everyone!


Hi Tom, and Audiogoners,

I went to the Starsound website and could not find the Audiopoint cones you mentioned above. Did I miss something? If you have more info on the website, kindly let us know.

My frustration with Teres forum is that I am unable to view the past discussions. Does anyone know why only the Audiogon forum is so user friendly?

I am learning new things everyday in this world of music and magic. Happy New Year!


Go to the browse page here, and click on Star Sound Technologies. Then click on the Special Sale Items link. There are a couple of good deals there. Hopefully, what you are looking for is on sale!

I registered for the Teres forum, and still can't figure out how to use it. Very frustrating!

Hope this helps,

Hi KK,

Here is a link to the Audiopoints 1.5 AP1D web page.

This size Audiopoint allows using them without removing the original BDR cones, if you desire. They are slightly taller than the BDR, so they just raise the TT slightly higher off the stand so the BDR cones don't touch. Also, it makes the belt ride slightly lower on the platter, which improves the relationship with the main bearing center. General overall improvements occur.
Thanks, Joe, I got one of the special deals today. The Audiopoints should improve my Teres.