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I have been an Audiogon user on and off for a number of years. Recently as a potential buyer, I have been through a very frustrating experience with a seller. About three weeks ago, he posted a pair of speakers for sale that I have been looking for. I have attempted 8 times in three weeks to both ask a question and attempt to negotiate a reasonable offer. I assure you that I am not a low baller. Other than to respond by telling me he's been busy, I have gotten no responses. This included a formal offer near the asking price that was ignored and expired. I have done everything but walk a wheelbarrow with $7,000 cash up to his front door. So here's my suggestion: currently feedback only applies to completed transactions. What about bad non-completed transaction behaviour? My feedback is 100% and I based my bid for these high end speakers on this members 100% positive feedback, yet he has made this a miserable buying experience. Other members should have some inkling that this seller has not been forthright about his willingness to sell his product. If you don't have time or life gets in the way, remove the listing. I have never experienced this before as either a buyer or seller. Anyone care to weigh in or have a suggestion? Just trying to save someone else from this type of frustration.
Markel...sorry about your recent experience! This has happened and been discussed many times before.

Wish something could be done, but it's always fallen on deaf ears so far.

Most buyers and sellers on here are wonderful folk. I've done hundreds of transactions, but there will always be this kind of person out there...unfortunately.

Just hang in there. I'm sure the speakers you are looking for will turn up again.
Perhaps this is God's way of telling you that you are going to hate the speakers once you get them into your system.

I am " just saying". : )
Perhaps this is God's way of telling you that you are going to hate the speakers once you get them into your system.

I am " just saying". : )
Maybe your idea of trying to negotiate a reasonable offer is his idea of a lowball. When I sell an expensive piece of gear, I'm not interested in flea market bargainers and I wouldn't want someone leaving me negative feedback because I didn't want to deal with his bullshit.
I empathize with your experience and know it is frustrating. However, there is no requirement that offers below the asking price be answered. The dream of buying something you want below the asking price is universal, and calling you a "flea market bargainer" doesn't help matters. If you really, really want something you should be willing to pay the price, without trying to chisel off another 10%, or you know who to blame when the deal doesn't happen. I don't believe though that we need another version of "Yelp" here on Audiogon.
I agree with Tonykay. If you want something bad enough, you need to be willing to pay the asking price, or wait for another one to come along.
Agree with the above posts- if you want it, and the asking price is reasonable, just buy it at asking price.
As for feedback, I don't think it should be exchanged unless there is a transaction. In this case either he (or she) was too busy or didn't want to deal with a buyer less than his asking price. No rules broken here.