Audiogon Site Related FAQ ready for your use

We have been assembling a site-related FAQ, which is now live. The SiteFAQ covers most aspects related to buying, selling, and using this website. Please take a look at:

We welcome any recommendations for additions or clarifications. You will notice that each answer has a link at the bottom "Suggest an addition". That link will allow you to email us with comments about specific subjects.

We would appreciate your perusing of the above link, and any suggestions you might have now, or later on when you find yourself using it. After the site-related FAQ has been fine tuned, we hope to launch an audio-related FAQ (hobby related), which will consist entirely of member-contributed thoughts.
This question follows me throughout my 'Gon membership and I never got the chance to ask.
Why sometimes the post is being posted instantly and sometimes you wait for moderation?
Is moderation an automated proccess or manual?
I dont know if this is the approprate place to post this, but I had a spur of the moment suggestion. Can you guys consider requiring sellers to state whether the goods they are selling are grey market? Considering the number of posts on this topic, and the people who have been burned, it is something to consider.
It looks great! Excellent for new members, as well as, established members.

No more audiogon surfing by osmosis.
I agree this looks pretty good. Way to go Audiogon!

Regarding seller strategies: tips about pictures…
The tips for taking photo’s are quite useful.
Please explain how the pic files are to be posted into an ad?
I’ve read (on the forums) about posting pictures in our ads, but I’ve never been able to make this work.
Detailed explanations might be helpful; not all of us are so computer savvy.
Very useful, for example, clarifying how "shipping damage" is to be handled.