Audiogon Site Pop-Ups

I'm having significant issues using Audiogon on my iPhone.  I'm constantly getting re-directs to the Apple app store for apps and games.  It only seems to do it for and no other site I use.  It seems to be related to about 20 other sites that are triggered when audiogon loads and writes "website data" to the iPhone.  After clearing the "website data" and all options on Safari are turned off (no pop-ups, no cookies, no tracking), it still comes back.  This happens once I search and then try and view a listing.

Has anyone else experienced this?
Yes, it's a PITA!  I cleared my history and all and it still does it on my iphone but not my iPad.  

It may be some type of malware. If you install a web browser that is not currently device, it will probably work. Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc.

Another cause may be that some of your software is not up to date. Sometimes websites will not let you access the site if apps like your browser or flash are not the newest version.

I'm having an issue on my laptop where I'll click on a page and suddenly get re-directed to Firefox for some update asking me to run an .exe file. Frankly it's fairly alarming.
I am having the same issue!  It is awful. I don't watch or surf the site on my iphone because of it. Such a shame. 

Don't have experience with Apple products, but have had zero problems with ads or pop-ups for quite a long time on my laptop and android tablet or phone. On the Windows laptop, I use Chrome with 2 extensions, uBlock Origin and Disconnect. On the phone and tablet, I use the newest browser from Cheetah Mobile, Armorfly. Previously used CM browser, but like Armorfly better and also use the CM Security.

Update:  I've updated iOS and all apps. I've also uninstalled many games and other free apps. After all this, I'm still getting the "Open this page app store" pop up.

Today I had a breakthrough, it eventually stops if you keep reloading the page and I noticed it almost exclusively happens with one particular banner ad: "Download the free Twitter app".  If you keep reloading the search page, you'll eventually get served up a different banner ad than the "twitter app" one.  It you get the "download the free twitter app" banner ad, it is almost instantaneously triggers the "Open this page in "App Store"?"

Maybe not the smoking gun, but a clue...
These are targeted ads just for you based on prior browsing history.

Here's what I would try:

On your iOS device:

Open settings
Go to Privacy
Scroll to the bottom
Tap "advertising"
Click "reset advertising identifier"

And see if that works.


Thanks for the try, but nada -- didn't work.  The "Download the free Twitter app" ad almost always causes it 9 times out of 10.  No other ad seems to trigger it.

Thanks again for the idea.  I did turn off my ad tracking.  I didn't know you could do that before your post.