Audiogon site acting weird.

Has anyone else noticed. Just posted a discussion and upon searching topic saw misspelling of my post so went back to correct only to find everything was ok.

Also was viewing listings earlier with many of them stating 30 days remaining but upon hitting the item not so.


I believe they were working on some stuff recently. Haven't experienced any issues recently. The photo order issue under our virtual systems was solved.

In other words, changing the order so you'd have 1st picture, 2nd picture etc. wasn't saving properly before. Glad it's fixed.

The forum has been crashing the past few days on my Android. It seems to happen when viewing a posted image or video. After the crash it says Reload Tab.

I've experienced times when I couldn't edit something I hadn't even posted yet and right clicks that wouldn't take. Same for copy/pasting and other sundry things. Most times it works as planned but having the screen image wiggle and move around is a weird thing to experience.

All the best,

I have had issues with this site for a while. It will slow pretty much everything down to an eventual stop in Chrome. It was unusable before I got a new computer about 2 months ago. Microsoft edge is better, but not perfect. 

Agree with all above, everything about it has been slooooooow, no matter what you are trying to do and especially when you are sending messages.