Audiogon Show Coverage

To Audiogon members:
Please offer your feedback regarding our coverage of HiFi shows over the last year.

Would you like more pictures? less pictures? more close ups front and back?

Would you like more writing or less writing regarding our experiences while traveling and covering the show?

Would you like to read editorial opinions about the equipment, the manufacturers, and product updates?

Please post your feedback and suggestions below.
Is it possible to get listings of the entire system in the manner of "virtual systems"? I am curious about the entire setup(s).
I want to know what ancillary goods the principal vendor in a display room showcases their products with.
Your Kondo Audionote Japan heading (top upper left) should read 47 Laboratory with Essence loudspeakers.

One look and I see a similar system to mine. :-)

Where's the women? I know Albert is close to turning 70, but some of us are younger...and would like to see younger women!!!
I like the show coverage, and would like to see more of it. The photos are especially interesting, because we get to see some "first looks" at the new audio gear. I prefer the Audiogon show coverage over the magazines.
Love the show coverage! Makes this hobby so much more interesting, it's eye candy for the audiophile. Don't mind the women, either.

Albert CAN'T be closing in on 70! Seriously, I met him and he looks to be in his 40s.
Show coverage is great! Keep it up. I agree with Yada if you can identify the equipment involved in each system (may be too much effort).
Love the pictures, but it would be nice to have some words to go along with them. Like how the system sounded, any hot gossip heard in the room, or philosphy from the designers.
Great coverage overall! More photos would be great though, particularly photos of lesser known gear and closeups of that gear, front and back. Also fewer photos of people, except of course for the women with closeups front and back.
Words and pictures of equipment work for me also, as Pmotz stated. It would be interesting to see a picture of the designer/engineer also (IMO).
I love the pics. Albert Porter does a great job. You can't find any visuals so concentrated or easy-to-skim in the mags.

I would be happy to have a few more details on the gear in the pics but I realize this might require a disproportionate effort. (Still, audiophiles are used to disproportionate efforts... ;o)

I don't care to read a lot in the way of reports and reviews of show sound. Don't get me wrong, I like members' posts on their show experience--thanks, Slappy. They can be like reading a letter from a pal. I discovered Listener late and I enjoyed the few show reports I got to read in it, perhaps because they were unabashedly subjective, frank and still modest.

More formal pieces are rarely much fun for me. I have perused a few OK show reports online and a fair number I thought were useless. I find it a considerable effort to plow through Stereophile's.

I think show reports/reviews are very hard to do well, for two reasons. First, show circumstances can be the worst way to judge the performance of a piece of gear or a setup. I hate reading about how a show system turned out to be disappointing. Second, even when someone who is knowledgeable and can write well is doing the reporting (and this is too rare), the circumstances make depth, nuance and perspective very hard to achieve.
I agree that photo coverage is excellent. In addition to the entire system listings, would like to know what music was being offered as demo material by the exhibitors. Limited editorial writings would be nice, but I prefer reading the postings of independent show attendees. Hopefully, these would be more informative than judgemental. Perhaps, mentioning what new projects manufacturers are focusing on, or music exhibitors are excited about. Cheers,
Can you add a slide show button so lazy people like me can sit back and watch all the pictures without clicking on anything?

Never enough pictures, close up is always a good idea.
more system details of each rooms equipment being used would be nice definitely. Pictures the more the better.
Very good ,excellent work but it will much better ,if you put more pictures from back ,more details about systems and cost ,prices will be perfect .
Well done ! Excellent photographs and interesting descriptions ! Please continue the good work. Thank you !
Excellent photo coverage so far. Close ups of individual components would be very nice.

For me, I can never have too much information, the more the better. From room dimensions, to source material, which cables (were they all broken in)in & out of which gear, A/B-ing of gear/speakers/cables/etc. in the same set up, etc. Auditioner's analysis, etc. More women is always a plus for me & the other guys, but to be fair to the ladies, I think there should be some photos with Albert too!

For those that don't like or want the verbage that accompanies the great eye candy, my suggestion is --- don't read it.

Bring it on.
Bring It On!
I love seeing all this to drool over gear and I appreciate being able to see the show coverage that you provide. The main reason I own a computer is for your great website! Anything you can add to it is a Bonus to me. Keep up the great Work!
I like these pictures..
as would a few specs or prices if posible.Also do you do wedings?
I enjoyed it all just as it is. Albert is a wonderful photographer.
Thanks for the most enjoyable coverage of the various shows.
Excellent coverage in a well organized format. An opportunity to see equipment that is not widely distributed.
Tom hunted up a great deal and we both had a great time.
Just to let you know there are free live music concerts each nite of the show at McGill Univ.less than a block away .Chuck