Audiogon sabbatical

Been traveling, figured you all needed a break from me, some more than others, thanks for writing, Kelly. Must have been right, I have 4 more points without posting.
Traveled to wondrous websites linked through Audio Asylum, especially the F.A.Q.'s and Tweakers Asylum. Wound up staying for days at Bottlehead and bought a Foreplay pre-amp kit. Better than a t-shirt, don't you think?
The Asylum has regular posts, for those of you who don't know, (I didn't) from well known audio designers like Risch and Crumb and Curl and Khomenko. Tweaks get measured and tested in some cases. That doesn't negate the Audiogon opinion forum: what you hear is what you hear. I don't want that to get lost in this post, so, to repeat, what you hear is what you hear.
Still, lot's of wheels are getting re-invented here and many of you will find value, especially in room treatment, away from Audiogon. JEEPERS, Kubla, there's hundreds of sites.
I also brought you all a present. Well, not all of you, just those with no wife or a very submissive one. For taming first reflections in about 5 minutes,and for $10, go to Home Depot or Lowes and buy DUROVENT panels. They're corrugated styrofoam and live in the insulation aisle. I just thumbtaked them to the walls 24" each side of the reflection point and 96" high. Immediately erased the touch of HF glare revealed by my new Silver Lace IC's (thanks, Kevziek)without disturbing the detail or bass balance. They're also seriously ugly, unless you're trying to re-create the battle bridge of a Klingon Warbird. Hmmmm....
Welcome back,

I didn't know you had left.

DO yu think these durovent panels may be useful for prechecking the effect of room treatment in various spaces before one goes out and purvhases a unit with appropriate WAF?

kitch: we all need sabbaticals. glad you returned from yours -- apparently refreshed, relaxed, tanned and ready. -kelly
Welcome back, Kitch. Glad you like the SilverLace. Was the brightness in your system, or in the cables, or can you really figure that out? Did the Albertporter party happen? Tell us any great revelations occuring there.
there may be 'hundreds of other sites' but i was told only on *this* site is where i'd find the inimitable kitch29. so here i am. i've been waiting for you.

this is big for me. i need a moment.
moment taken. welcome back:)
Hey Kubladubla, you ever try stand-up? You're the guy.
i prefer sit-down.
but thanks will :)
If I knew you were coming I da baked a cake.