Audiogon's new security

I think it's excellent that you guys are so thorough with security.
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Yeh, they would post this. I'm sure my negative attitude will get blocked. THEY SUCK
They had to bump up security, since they just forced all of their members to turn over credit card information to them. They didn't want to be the next Target, Home Depot, etc.

Personally, I'd prefer lower security, and not to have to give in to their credit card scam, but like a junkie, I'm here for my fix.
Maybe this will stop the hacker with fake Magico Q3 ads.
I finally signed up to the new system and put two items up for sale, both of which were also listed at Audio Asylum.
Guess what, both sold on Audiogon.
Mitch2, the traffic on Audio Asylum is pretty slow. I've had much more success lately on US Audiomart, it seems like the traffic has picked up there.
I haven't tried US Audiomart yet John, but I have looked around over there a bit. They sometimes come up on google searches if you look for certain gear and type in "for sale." I should have given it a try but really, the system here worked just great for me in the case of both sales. Thanks for the heads up on alternatives.