Audiogon's entitlements

Hi I noticed that not all user IDs can be referred to during discussions with '@' sign.
Not all created equal here for some reason :-)

I never thought this was user specific, but a bug in the code. Sometimes you can and sometimes you can't. :)

It seems rather random.
It's funny for me to see these facts of messy development crew work.
I also see that '&' sign you see as XML code '&amp' when you read headlines as well.
That's why I don't sell or purchase from here. Freakin' out quite a-bit :-)  
Yes, it's buggy. And annoying.
This is the "jv" team.
Is the '@' dependent on post quantity? 
I haven’t spent a lot of time diagnosing it but it seems to me that you can’t use the @ with OP’s ID until they have also posted a response. The other responders are available in the list. Like I said I haven’t spent a lot of thought on it but, right now, all of the responders in this thread are listed. If true, then maybe the programmers just load the responders’ IDs to the list.

Wow, I tried to add this as an additional post right after this one but it wouldn't let me post it!  Here's what that additional post would have said. :)
And now that I've posted, mine is available as well. I'd bet there's an upper limit to how many are shown though. Can you imagine the list of IDs for some of the longer-running threads here? Maybe they limit the list to responders in the last xx hours.
Wow how very important.