Audiogon's Audiophile Wise men, I need advice


I have Perreaux 2150B amp and SM 2 preamp,bought in 1984.
I have an opportuity to buy tomorrow:

B&W N803 1 1/2 yr old in near perfect condition.
I am getting an Arcam FMJ CD 23 near perfect
Kimber Bifocal 4'
Kimber 1011 interconnect. only 1
All this from the same seller. Local in Santa Barbara, he wants to get the 805's instead.
He also has a Plinius CD LAD he would sell for a excellent deal.
So, what else do I need to have the great sound system I want. power cords etc, cables,etc, i keep seeing different things to help with sound.

Also, any advice on the Plinius. I guess if bought that I would need another amp. or use it instead of the SM2.
the Perreaux after 21 years works great and sounds great.But I dont know how they will sound with the new speakers, or relative to what else is a great today.

I am excited, he is coming tomorrow, I have the cash and will almost defintely buy this deal if it sounds as good as I believe it will.
thanks to all the players who advise me with their Audiophile wisdom
Sounds like a neat rig. You know, this whole thing is a journey, and the end of the journey is a greater appreciation of, and connection to, the beauty of music. The best place to start is if you can hear this system at the sellers house, with his amp or, better yet, at your house with your amp. It's really hard to buy a bunch of used stuff, rig it all together and have it come out very right. It takes moving speakers around, sometimes an inch at a time. Treating your room to avoid reflections and echos. Carefully arranging power cords and interconnects for best sound. AC treatments and observing correct polarity of plugs and carfully selecting each component for its synergy with your system and tastes. A lot of trial and error and a lot of sweat equity. After all, it is a hobby. Buy your rig, and the CD Lad, if you can afford it. My one caution is that the 803s will need a good size room; no spare bedrooms. Use it for a while with the Perreaux amp. Get a note pad and pencil and resolve to not make any equipment changes for at least a month, maybe two or three. Don't worry too much if it sounds really good or not so good. Take notes, move things around. Really listen to a lot of music and figure out what bugs you, and what you like. Bring the problems back to this forum for help. Move slowly and cautiously, and carefully research the products that you have purchased, and the products that you are considering. Learn about your room, your electrical system and your tastes. Do not let excitment over the next hot thing be your tour guide to audio excess. And most of all, listen to music, music, music.
If I understand correctly that he wants you to get N805's rather than N803's, I cannot agree. N803's are nice full range speakers. N805's are bookshelf speakers. Yes, you do need some room for N803's, but I think they would sound fabulous in any moderate sized room. You do need serious amplification to make them sing, though. I don't want to step on any toes, but I wouldn't buy the Kimber cables unless you get a screaming good deal on them -- and I mean screaming. I would echo what Viridian said about listening to the speakers at your home with your amp. If your amp cannot drive the N803's and you are commited to your amp, you may want to consider the N805's, but I would suggest an amp upgrade before settling for the N805's.
To be CLEAR:

he is BRINGING to my HOUSE
B&W N803
Arcam CD 23
Kimber bifocal 4'
Kimber 1011 qty 1

I get to hear these thru the Perreaux 2150B and SM 2 I own.
I am buying the above for $3,000.
He is also offering the Plinius CD LAD for a great price as well...maybe $500.

So, I wanted to know:
cable ideas matching the Perreaux and Arcam and N803's
other things to help..power conditioners, cords, etc I read about from you all.

If I buy the CD LAD, do you think it is best to try it with the 2150b instead of the SM 3 to se ehow that sounds as a total unit?
would there be a good idea on an amp to use with the CD LAD?
should I bi amp?

I isten to mostly rock, guitar players, Clapton,Santana, Allman Brothers, also jazz,miles and coltrane etc and acoustic like Hedges,.

I definitely like to TURN IT UP
and really desire.....the sound to be clear and refined and powerful as I increase the volume when I know a great par is coming. That is why I am spending this money...I dont want to play it loud, and then hear imperfections that get in the way of the total love and passion of the music playing.

From past experience, I can tell you it's difficult to be make a good objective decision when you're under the pressure of a "good deal" that may go away. The best thing is to listen, and continue to listen over several days, if possible.

I did something similar to what you are doing, and it took me several sales and purchases to straighten out a poor decision.

Have fun, and good luck.
This deal sounds too good to be true. The N803s in good condition normally go for about $3200 used. The CD23 FMJ goes for about $1000 used. Not sure about the pricing of the cables. Add to that someone who will truck the whole big package to your house to try?

If everything checks out OK, I advise just buying the speakers and the CD player only. I am concerned that the Kimber cables will be too bright for your combination of amp and speakers. I recommend looking at the Harmonic Technology ProSilway III interconnects for about $275 used per 1m pair and the Transparent Music Wave Super XL speakers cables for about $500 per 8ft pair.

I owned both the N803 and CD23FMJ before, so I am confident of their quality; however, I have no experience with the Plinius CD LAD. To echo some of the earlier recommendations by fellow Audiogoners, get familiar with the sound of your existing Perreaux amps, new CD23 and the new N803s first and then decide what else you need to upgrade.

>>I am buying the above for $3,000.<<

Okay, I will echo Aaron's comment. That would be a good deal even if you were only buying N803's in near perfect condition. If you have to buy the whole package to get it all at that price, I would say go for it -- because, if it is in good condition, you can always sell the cables and that would just reduce the cost of the speakers and Arcam FMJ. Or, you can use that money for some other upgrade. Get the system together and see how it sounds. Before sinking money into power cords and expensive cables and power conditioners, I would make sure to have amplification that can bring out everything those N803's have to offer. If the Perreaux is up to the job, you're ahead of the game.
On saturday I purchased the N803, CD 23,kimber cables.
have the CD LAD to play with for a while
I have been listening with the Perreaux. If I put on an excellent quality CD, it sounds great. a not great recording sounds not great.
the sound overall is good. But I know it should be better.
Last nite I plugged the CD LAD in with the 2150B amp. Did sound better. Wil try later today and turn it up loud and see how it sounds.
I am looking perhaps at PErreeuax Radiance integrated,Krell 400XI integrated.
Radiance I found one for 2,500
Krell is about 2k to 2500.
I may keep the CD LAD as a pre and just get an amp.
Any thoughts is great. I am trying different things to hear the set up in different ways as you all suggested.
I am not in a hurry, rather I sense strongly my 22 year old 2150B is no longer the best amp for the N803's.
HAppy friday to all the people who are helping me.
Congrats on the purchase!
Go with the Radiance! ;)