I've been listening to some of my favorite recordings this weekend and was wondering what others on Audiogon felt were there favorites. We have all seen the Stereophile "Records to Die For", The Absolute Sounds recommended list, Music Directs' list, The Golden Ear, etc. now I'm hoping to assemble the Audiogon "Recordings To Die For". Please list your five favorite recordings, the ones you listen to over and over or play for friends. I would assume the sonic quality is excellent in that this is an audiophile site. The performance and enjoy ability should also be excellent. Please leave your top five, even if they are already chosen so we can discover the very top for the Audiogon listeners. ALSO PLEASE REFRAIN FROM CRITICIZING OTHERS OPINIONS AND JUST LEAVE YOUR FAVORITES!

August 2002: I have compiled a summary and a full printer-friendly list of all of the recommendations below.
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Gordon Goodman's latest-recoding The Phat Pack-comes as a
cd and dvd.The dvd played through my system using the
direct mode-straight from my modwright denon 2900 to the amps-is like nothing you have ever heard-the most incredible big band sound ever.The songs are excellent and
surround mix is the best I have ever experienced.
My recommendation would be "Autumn Thunder, 40 years of NFL Music". If you are a fan of NFL Films music, this is for you! It has a collection of 10 CDs with some of the greatest music written for football (maybe ever!).

Some of the best selections were written by the great Sam Spence. Familiar songs like " Big Game America","Roundup", "Ramblin' Man from Gramblin'", "The Over the Hill Gang" and many more that are too numerous to mention. Many fans have asked about these recordings through the years and also include other musicians such as Tom Hedden and Dave Robidoux. Highly recommended for your tailgate or on a quiet evening! One word of caution: the packaging is not up to snuff and leaves much to be desired but the music more than makes up for it. If I am not mistaken it was released as well on LP for the vinyl people as well.
Bad Influence - Live At The Bad Habits Cafe. Wild Child Records.

Incredible sound and the band was in brilliant form. Check out Whop Frazier's vocals and Jr. Tash's blues guitar...

Hey Brainwater...if u liked manu katche, I highly recommend

1. Christian Scott: Anthem. the 24 yrd old trumpeter wunderkid 2nd album out this yr...kinda like Miles Davies meets Radiohead.

2. Brian Blade Fellowship: Season of Changes.. drummer like Manu...played w/ Joshua Redman, Joni Mitchell, Pat Metheny among others...great compositions and features another young cat Kurt Rosenwinkel (gtr) , his best playing IMO, better than his own solo records

3. Nick Bartch's Ronin: Holon: Swiss pianist, zen like a bit but funky too. Very well recorded...ECM.

4 McCoy Tyner: Guitars....the old man teams up with Marc Ribot, John Scofield, Derek Tucks, Bela Fleck...some it works, some doesn't but always interesting...bonus DVD shows about 1/2 of the recording session which is very illuminating.