I've been listening to some of my favorite recordings this weekend and was wondering what others on Audiogon felt were there favorites. We have all seen the Stereophile "Records to Die For", The Absolute Sounds recommended list, Music Directs' list, The Golden Ear, etc. now I'm hoping to assemble the Audiogon "Recordings To Die For". Please list your five favorite recordings, the ones you listen to over and over or play for friends. I would assume the sonic quality is excellent in that this is an audiophile site. The performance and enjoy ability should also be excellent. Please leave your top five, even if they are already chosen so we can discover the very top for the Audiogon listeners. ALSO PLEASE REFRAIN FROM CRITICIZING OTHERS OPINIONS AND JUST LEAVE YOUR FAVORITES!

August 2002: I have compiled a summary and a full printer-friendly list of all of the recommendations below.
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My suggestion will be
Diana Schur "MUSIC IS MY LIFE"
Great selection of discs folks.I'll skip mentioning Kind of Blue and Patricia Barber again. Here are a few others that I love that haven't been mentioned.

1. Lenord Cohn- Live
2. Carmen Lundy-Old Devil Moon XRCD fabulous!
3. Neal and Leandra-Hears and Hammers
4. Rusted Root-Cruel Sun (also:When I Woke)
5. Ain't Misbehavin' Broadway Cast Recording RCA
Here's a few more that I couldn't resist throwing in:

1. Don Byron- Bug Music
2. Oregon- Northwest Passage
3. Songs from the musical Ragtime
4. Rod Stewart- Unplugged
5. Chick Corea- My Spanish Heart
6. Bruce Cockburn: Breakfast in New Orleans,Dinner in Timbuktu
7.Jan Garbarek- I Took Up The Runes
8.Guy Clark-Dublin Blues
1. Branford Marsalis - Trio Jeepy

2. Holly Cole - Temptation (all Tom Waits covers)

3. Keith Jarrett - Any of the Standards Trio Recordings

4. Chris Isaak - Wicked Game (German Compilation)

5. Rickie Lee Jones - Debut album
Question?? Help, I love the haunting sound of the cello and I need a recommendation on a piece that is both a great recording and a great performance. I do not mind if other insturments are on the piece, but I do want the artist playing the Cello being the focal point.