Audiogon "SACD's TO DIE FOR" list

Any favorite SACD's that offer a substantial improvement over their redbook counterparts?
All of the mfsl releases for Patricia Barber and Aimee Mann, James Taylor-Hourglass, Mark Knopfler-Shangri La,
Beck-Sea Change, Eric Clapton-461 Ocean Blvd and Diana Krall-The girl in the other room.
I'll definitely be following this thread...but if I were to list just one for now, I would 2nd Scagneti's suggestion of
Beck-Sea Change....damn...just like a potato chip...can't just list one DSOTM is pretty nice also...I'd sure love to hear that on a S.O.T.A. system.
I don't know about substantial improvement but Telarc Mahlers are a lot of fun. Bernstein on Sony is really good. Actually a lot of Sony Classical reissues are pretty good. Bruno's recordings aren't that great sounding IMO but the music is worth it. Snell's have pretty good sound quality.
I really like the Fidelis recordings they are hybrid discs and I have never listened to the redbook layer,so I can not comment about that. I also like the Hilary Hahn Bach recordings. As others have mentioned Patricia Barber, Jacintha (not sure of spelling), Diana Krall, AKUS, to name a few. I would go look as their are a few more that I like, but I am to lazy to get up.

harmonia mundi "le nozzi di figaro" conducted by rene jacobs. you are there! amadeus soundtrack, live at red rose music, telarc symphonie fantastique jarvi condutor.

aloha keith
I have about 40 SACDs. My favorites include Patricia Barber's Companion, Diana Krall's Girl in the Other Room,especially Temptation(Tom Waites) and Black Crow(Joni Mitchell),Diana Krall's Love Scenes(the bass in All or Nothing At All is tremendous),Mary Chapin Carpenter's Time*Sex*Love, Ray Brown's Soular Energy, Yo-Yo Ma's Obrigado Brazil, Stereophile's K622 Mozart Clarinet Concerto, Murray Perahia's Goldberg Variations, Wynton Marsalis's London Concert, Hilary Hahn's Brahms, any of George Szell's Cleveland Orchestra including the Grieg, Bizet and Mussorgsky, and The Allman Brothers' Eat a Peach and At the Fillmore East. John Dean
I have to say I enjoy The Gene Harris Quartet Title: Listen Here! This SACD was transferred directly fron the original analog tapes into 24-channel DSD where it was mixed for 5.1 surround. I also enjoy it a lot in stereo. A very relaxing recording, with the clarity of being there.
I'll second (or third) Krall's 'girl in the other room'. Gorgeous recording, and such a lovely step for her. I have really liked Ella and Louis, and Jorma Kaukonen 'Blue Country Heart'. I have other formats of P Floyd's DSOTM and the sacd I do not feel to be well done
rwbadley - listen to DSOTM in multichannel and then let me know what you think.
I couldn't believe how good the Steely Dan Gaucho SACD sounded.
Lazarus- I bet the multi sounds great. I'm only running two channel. That is a good point tho, if the multi channel sacd will give the same high quality in two channel audio. I noticed on my Elton John Goodbye Yellow brick road (hybrid)playing two channel redbook it had a strange hollowed out sound.
Alison Krauss - Foget About It. Stunning!
Allison Krouse,,Now That Ive Found You,is a very good sounding SACD
The ones that REALLY standout from the 25 I have (and are better than the redbook) are:

Pink Floyd - DSOM
The Who - Tommy
Elton John - Madman Across the Water

I think these are the best of the best I have in this format.
I'm just going to tag along for the ride, here, if'n y'all don't mind. My favorite so far has been DSOTM, though Dylan's Highway 61 and The Police are also sounding pretty darn good to me.
Don't miss:
Eric Dolphy
"Out There"

A hybrid SACD orginally recorded in 1960(!)that has sonics that are truly superb. Great drive! Pulsating, throbing acoustic bass. Powerful, tonally accurate horns. Clean clear, shimmering percussion and drums! Modern, yet accessible, jazz from a player on par with Coltrane, Coleman, and Parker.
A must have! Trust me!
Lately, I've been listening to...

Elton John - Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy
The Kinks - Misfits
Bob Dylan - Oh Mercy

and the RCA Living Stereo SACD's (All of them)

Captain Fantastic is magnificent. Misfits and Oh Mercy aren't reference quality, but very good. But I listen to them more often because the music is superior.

The RCA releases are among the best out there. Don't think that because they're old recordings that they might still sound old. They don't. Whoever made those original recordings were geniuses.

Rebecca Pidgeon. "THE RAVEN". The nuances, detail is unbelievable. Great vocals and songs. Shows what your system is really capable of with a great recording (CHESKY)
Just go the Carpenters GH 1969-1981. What a great job they did!
Miles Davis- Kind of Blue
Alison Kraus and Union Station
Nickle Creek- Nickle Creek
Nickle Creek- This Side
Oh Brother Where Art Thou Sound Track

These are by far my favorite SA-CD's.
Buy the current issue of 'The Absolute Sound'. HP lists his 'Super SACDs' for the 1st time. I had some (and have ordered more) and agree with his assessments.

One I can think of quickly is the Dvorak symphonies #8 and 9, Ivan Fisher and the Budapest Festival O, Philips 470 617-2. Very natural, 1st-row-hall sound and great performances. 5-channel, BTW. Another VERY nice one is the disc of French overtures played by the Detroit SO conducted by Paul Paray, Mercury 470 638-2; 3-channel. This is NOT at all close and harsh sounding as, MOST...Mercury Living Presences are. (HP and I definitely disagree here--he loves the Mercury microphones close and, IMO, producing often-unlistenable-by-me harshness).
Eleanor McEvoy "Yola" recommended highly. Folky/pop/ballad, very nice songwriting, and recording is straight DSD.
Hey Chams,
How's the Belles? I like your suggestion of "yola". I bought Beck on the above recommendation- i just don't get it. It is depressing!
streetdaddy - yep. i love the beck album. i think the songwriting is great, the music is great, and the sonics are great.

but, don't listen to it with any sharp objects around. you'll end up killing yourself.

i can only listen to it a few times a year.
MIDNIGHT SUGAR, Yamamoto Tsuyoshi trio
Try Jennifer Warnes: "The Well"
The one that leaps to mind that no one has yet mentioned is Jerry Douglas' 'Lookout For Hope'. Kind of a jazz-newgrass fusion with stunning presence. Top marks for both music and sound.
Rimsky-Korsakov's Scheherazade; Stravinsky: Song of the Nightingale (Living Stereo)Wonderful Dynamics and very emotional performance (three channel recording as was the original)

Avalon - Roxy Music is my favourite for a multi channel disk

Eleanor McEvoy's Yola (full bodied sound)

Elton John's Goodbye yellow brick road (the acoustic version of Candle in the wind had my jaw all the way down to the floor )
Hey! Just listening to the Rimsky-Korsakov's Scheherazade; Stravinsky: Song of the Nightingale (Living Stereo) for the first time myself last night. It was so capturing, that although I was tired to the point of getting off my chair and lying on the floor with the lights out and a pillow, I wanted to continue to listen. It was only 9:30 pm!

I agree I love that SACD very captivating. The Josha Heifeitz(spelling?) is also very good as is the New World Symphony.


They certainly are! I bought all 20 of the RCA Living Stereo SACDs and have been slowly and methodically enjoying them. For the cost of ~$210 US plus shipping, it is, to me, a great deal.
Battle Royale: Duke Ellington vs. Count Basie

I just can't get enough of it.
Rickie Lee Jones It's Like This
Norah Jones Come Away With Me
Allman Brothers Eat A Peach

I thought that the Norah Jones SACD was notorious for using the same master used for the cd.
I didn't realize that.
I think the SACD sounds great.
Very clean and balanced.
I have not compared the two.
Eleanor McEvoy:

    "Early hours" 


The Police -catalog.
The Rolling Stones -catalog.
Jamie Cullum- Twentysomething- 2004 (Verve) and my reference disc!
461 Ocean Blvd
Joshua Bell
Allman Brothers