Audiogon purchase: too good to be true?

Need your advice: there's a power conditioner - top-of-the-line....being offered, brand new, unused, for half-price....with box, manual. Seller says he's a dealer, and warranty would be good. Seller's in Canada...I'm in the US; sounds to me like it's too good to be true: a $4,000 piece of gear for $2,000. Am I missing something here? Am I being too cautious?

Well, if he is a deaelr, what is the business name? Get the business phone number off web... call them.
Find out rom the manufacturer is that dealer actually an authorized dealer for that product.

The markup on some power conditioners is more than 50%.
So even at half price, he may still be not losing money.
It may have been a special order for a customer who changed their mind, and lost the down payment. So th dealer can sell it for less...

Or the person may not be a dealer and selling a grey market unit. And his promise of warranty is a lie.
if it's sold for $2k than perhaps its actual price is $1k
If you exercise your due diligence as suggested, it should be easy to verify the legitimacy or not of a dealer.
Elizabeth is correct. I have had several dealings like this over the years, though normally, the dealers prefer this to be a discretionary transaction, so I do not publicize it publically on the internet.
A little searching is all it takes. Here is the ad.

The comments about markup may be off base, but they are less relevant than what Elizabeth and Foster_9 said about confirming with the manufacturer or distributor that the seller is an authorized dealer and that the warranty will be honored. I am a little concerned that the seller has some negative feedback.
Also make sure the device is actually worth whatever you pay.

Discounts off advertised retail prices are often not a good indicator of actual value in the end. Retail price may be set mainly for marketing reasons. Then when real value of product becomes known, it appears to be a great deal where in fact it is not necessarily any better or worse than any other.

How about a Link to the ad.....

If you are interested in the item and the seller does not accept payment by Paypal or Credit card contact the seller by using the Agon message system only. That is the only real way of verifying the username on the ad is that of the person who listed the ad.

The ad may be bogus.
hmm... exactly if it's been reduced new to $2k from 4 than it's probably worth $1000 no matter who sells it.
Thanks for your responses; since I am a careful and cautious sort, I passed. I have a dealer here in my city that I know is authorized; I'm a mid-fi guy slowly upgrading, and frankly, that power conditioner would have been overkill for what I have.

I will be buying the Furman reference 15i, the unit below what was for sale.