Audiogon partners with Stereophile

Stereophile has announced today that their new AVMarketplace will be powered by Audiogon. The benefit to Audiogon members will be access to a substantially larger pool of audiophiles with whom to buy, sell, talk and trade. Stereophile management (Primedia mags) is committed to promoting this marketplace on their website as well as in their magazines. The initial phase of the partnership will consist of all classifieds and auctions at Audiogon being integrated into Stereophile's AV Marketplace.

Audiogon President Arnie Chinta said, "this is a milestone for us at Audiogon. What started as a simple desire to offer audiophiles a place to sell their used gear has turned into something much bigger than we had imagined. What better way for us to help vitalize the two-channel industry than this association with the "bible" of the industry."

Videogon Expands It's Reach!

Videogon to date has set records for growth in traffic for new websites. The association with AVSForum and their fine management has in large part fueled this growth. Additionally, it has been announced by Primedia that Audio Video Interiors, Stereophile Guide to Home Theater, and Home Theater magazines are offering AVMarketplaces at their webstes which will be powered by Videogon. This is a substantial event in that these magazines will bring many more members to Videogon which enhances everyones ability to buy and sell successfully.
I am not yet a user of the Audiogon marketplace but one thing I can say for those who are...

It seems to me a partnership with Stereophile may have a chilling effect on the open exchanges and critiques proferred by Audiogon members, especially if comments relate negatively on Stereophile or its sister publications. Who will moderate the Audiogon forums? And henceforth, can the monitors ever be considered totally independent? I can only liken this to a situation in Los Angeles in which a certain television station on the WB Network airs promotional spots disguised as news stories during its newscasts (this is a practice shared by all network owned TV stations, not just the WB). Independence is important for editorial freedom. While I realize the benefits to Audiogon members of a potentially wider pool of buyers and sellers, the side effects of a partnership with Stereophile raise concerns.
As both a long term subscriber to Stereophile and one of their most vocal critics, i don't see a problem with the alliance they've made with Agon. While Agon has practiced "censorship" via moderaters on their forums, this was done prior to any alliance with Stereophile. On top of that, i just posted a thread that many find to be controversial with Stereophile directly mentioned in it. As such, i'm hoping / thinking that things won't change here much, but i guess that we'll have to wait and see.

Other than that, i'd like to say "CONGRATULATIONS" to Arnie and crew. They've worked hard to achieve the success that they have. Audiogon is recognized world-wide as the place to buy / sell audio gear on the net. Given that AudioReview, AudioShopper and AudioWeb were all in existence prior to Agon getting started, it only goes to show that it is not when you show up, but how much effort you put forth once you're there !!! Obviously, Arnie and crew know what they are doing. Not only are the customers happy, so are the dealers who would normally be thought as "competition" for Agon. I guess one can build alliances that are beneficial for all involved when you know how to run a business : ) Sean
Sounds like a fine deal to me, I was happy with the AVS forum hook-up to Videogon. I've never trusted the Stereophile for sale section enough to buy anything. Supply and demand dictates the worth of a product, more supply is good! (I never seem to sell anything)

Please explain further, will Audiogon in the future only be accessible through Stereophile or will it remain in it current familiar yellow format?
Sadly, I find maybe three or four pages worth reading per issue. (There have been a few in the past year that have been completely worthless). On the otherhand, I have called some of the "back pages" advertisers and found many helpful. All in all, the Stereophile from years ago was much better and I would feel uneasy if the new Stereophile has any say in Audiogon.
I have mixed feelings about this partnership; on the one hand it certainly validates AudioGon and the fine community attracted to this site, but I do not trust Stereophile. Too much bs and corruption tied to the magazines, and Stereophile leads the pack in that regard. If the relationship is purely arms length to provide the loyal Stereophile customers somewhere to link to then I'm all for it. If John Atkinson and his henchmen get "involved" with AudioGon we'll need to find another site to frequent. Here's hoping my paranoia is unjustified. Jeff
Seems like an admission on the part of Stereophile that Audiogon has become the defacto high end audio conduit for used gear. Could be good for both entities.
Audiogon remains the same for you and other users. The Stereophile connection is designed to add content to their site and add other audiophiles' listings to our classified and auction areas.
Who is validating who? Seems like one could make a point that Audiogon is validating Stereophile. Now there is a thought!!!
I have my concerns. I worked for a major investment company that was the victim of a hostile takeover from one of their own off shoots. Time will tell who's the pulling the strings and who's the dummy. Then again, it could be us tangled in the net.
Stereophile needs AudioGon. AudioGon does not need Stereophile. No one does.