Audiogon needs a new category

Audiogon needs a new category. I would call it Music Servers. These are becoming the new center of a music system. Yes, they have a computer at their center, but they are much more than that. What do you think?
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I think most of old fogeys would consider Music Servers as a digital source and would expect to find discussions there.

However there is no harm in starting a new category.  I don't know who you would ask for that.

Interesting point mechans. Way back before music servers and streaming audio, we considered "digital" to mean just redbook CD's. This is very far from encompassing all that music servers do today. They are not a "format" but a component. So actually A'gon's list mixes apples and oranges.

Maybe the whole list needs to be revised.

I think of my music server plus DAC as replacing my CD player and preamp

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I am in complete agreement with the OP
yes this needs to happen.  Right now info is spread between digital and PC audio and who knows where else.

I’m thinking maybe more than just one additional category but am too lazy today to go take a closer look at the existing ones.

Servers, Storage, and now renderers, and should we not include mobile devices too? Not trying to be exasberating just wondering out loud. Perhaps make the mobile devices colum ‘remote controls’ instead, or merely ‘controllers’..

So then, it ought to be a few more categories on the topic tree then just servers. Renderers which are servers as well, go where, exactly? Servers that are merely storage go wehre? Should the requirement going in be that anything in these categories MUST connect by Ethernet on a Local area network and not just by USB?

Regardless, IMHO even a wide assessment all in one category would help to begin with as renderers are the actual . playback initiators once files have been stored. Therein or elsewhere on a network.

Want about a software topic? Streaming services require an app. Somewhere. All the time folks are trying to get hardware and software to play well together. Pages here are littered with Amarra notes, J River notes, etc.

Think that’s bad? Wait till we all start getting chips implanted and can create displays out of thin air and switch modes channels, or tracks with a blink of the eyes. Or motion of the fingers.

Then we’ll need ‘gesture’ and ‘implant’ topic. lol

Yes!!!  Music Servers and Streaming, perhaps.  Hey!  2002 just called, and it wants its Forum categories back!
Don’t bother,
Computer audiophile website has it all,a huge wealth of knowledge from folks that have been doing this a very long time.

Also has the Industry’s top players chiming in.