Audiogon Music Reviews-a final call............

I am close to completing the first instalment(could be the last!)of the music reviews for this year Jan-Sept.

If you offered to do some reviews for the project please e-mail me direct to confirm the situation on your work.

For anyone else keen to post a review on a release from this year again please e-mail me.

The first instalment will take in a variety of reviews of material up until this date and then I would look to do another update near the years end covering the material myself and other reviewers have submitted and hopefully give a decent picture of the year 2004's releases.

Since I have had two call offs on reviewers there is still an opportunity for input-particularly in new Jazz releases and Audiophile labels.
I'll be happy to do jazz reviews. Let me know how many you want and how long they should be. Also, when is the deadline?
Mlkiz-email on the way to you.