Audiogon Music News June

Well Audiogoners I’m now in my new place, we got delayed but we got there.
Work on the proposed half yearly review extravaganza will commence shortly so hopefully there will be something for Audiogoners to get their teeth and ears into in the not too distant future.

A couple of small tit bits the Eno re-masters (done using DSD but not SACD releases at this stage) are well worth investment as they are a big sonic improvement from the original CD’s, his ambient work should benefit enormously from this when they are released.

Finally I have it on good authority that JJ Cable’s new album To Tulsa And Back is excellent.

RUSH-Canadian rockers who have just kicked off their 30th anniversary tour have an album of cover versions by artists who influenced them.
Released later this month the album is called Feedback.
It features their interpretation of 60’s classics by Love, The Who, Buffalo Springfield, Cream and The Yardbirds.

BRIAN WILSON-has his 5th solo album Gettin’ In Over My Head due out later this month and features a duet with Paul McCartney.
He is also currently concluding work on a new version of the legendary lost Beach Boys album SMILE which is due for release in September.

FACES-Rhino/Warner Bros. shortly release a 4 CD box set compiled by Ian MacLagan of the seminal 70’s British rockers, it features various unreleased tracks both live and in the studio.
Most awaited track is a version of John Lennon’s Jealous Guy.
David Fricke has written the liner notes and probably asks whatever did happen to Kenney Jones, Ronnie Lane, Ronnie Wood and Rod Stewart?

PAGE & PLANT—There are informed rumours that these two gents are back in the studio again however could the news that the Unledded concert is being released on DVD later in the Autumn with extra material have anything to do with it?.

PHIL MANZANERA--Has a new studio album 6PM out on the 5th of July and features a rather impressive set of contributors: Dave Gilmour, Brian Eno, Chrissie Hynde, Robert Wyatt and fellow Roxy Music members Paul Thompson and Andy Mackay.

THE MOODY BLUES/SACD-No less than 6 of the first seven Moody Blues albums will be released on SACD with 5.1 Surround mixes based on the original Quad mixes.Only In Search Of The Lost Chord will not be available in 5.1
All albums feature various outtakes and live material and all discs will be doubles on the Universal label.

NICK MASON-Pink Floyd sticks man has his long awaited personal history of Floyd published in September by Weidenfeld & Nicholson entitled INSIDE OUT: A PERSONAL HISTORY OF FLOYD.
Let’s hope he kept notes.


ROGER WATERS-Has allegedly completed his 20 year ongoing Opera project.
Ca Ira is the title and according to his manager is a modern classical piece based on the French Revolution as opposed to a rock opera.

SOCK’S BEARD-Are currently recording a new album their second without Neil Morse, its release is planned for autumn along with a tour.

HEART- Have Little Queen, Dog And Butterfly and Bebe Le Strange re- released on CD by Epic/Legacy on June 29th.
Amongst the bonus material is a live version of Stairway To Heaven.

KINGS OF LEON-Have completed their second album entitled A-ha Shake Heartbreak.
Produced by Ethan Johns it’s due for release later in the year.

THE CURE-Return from a lengthy hiatus with a new album entitled The Cure on Geffen.
Production reigns have been passed over to Ross Robinson (At The Drive In, Korn and er...Slipknot) instead of the usual Robert Smith

PAUL SIMON-29TH of June sees the release of a 9, yes 9 CD box set entitled STUDIO RECORDINGS 1972-2000 on Warners in the US.
Each solo album is re-mastered with the obligatory bonus tracks.
1983’s Hearts Ands Bones is something of a lost classic in my humble opinion.

TOM WAITS-Has a new album Real Gone released in the autumn.

ELLIOT SMITH-Who died in mysterious circumstances, last year has his final album FROM A BASEMENT ON A HILL released sometime in the autumn.
His father Gary is completing the project.
Smith’s most famous work was his songs featured in The Good Will Hunting movie.

GRAM PARSONS-Finally Sacred Hearts & Fallen Angels: The Gram Parsons Anthology will shortly be released by Rhino.
Featuring material from his whole career (The Byrds, The Flying Burrito Bros.etc) this 2-CD retrospective is currently being rated as the best overview of his work.
It features some unreleased material and I’m taking it for granted it’s mostly been re-mastered as GP and Grievous Angel sound horrific on CD.
TY, great job....
Stellar report as always Ben. Thanks for the updates. Looking forward to the Nick Mason book...
Ben, Fantastic to see you on here again!
Welcome back!

Good review!
Curve's "The Way of Curve", a double album with singles and b-sides/rarities spanning from 1990 to 2004, came out in May. Better late mention than never. It was mastered well, although a little loud, and the chronological order plays well - you can listen to them mature before your very ears.

Good job addressing the "there's no good music anymore!", Ben_campbell.

PS - The Pistons were fantastic.
Ben, I am delighted to see you back!!

Thank you for the great music update. I hope you can make this a regular thing for Audiogon members.
Great news, thank you, the Moodies should be good.
Do you mean J.J. Cale? Talk about your Freudian slips :-)
Yup I do mean JJ Cale-doh.

Still it's agood audio related slip.......
Here's another slip:

"small tit bits"

heh. small is ok. So is big.

"Modern day warrior,mean mean stride.
Today's Ed Sawyer mean mean jibe....."

"you know his mind is not for rent... "


Saw Rush on their last tour, a year or so ago. They still kicked ass. Opened with that song, actually.

Nice job Ben! Finally some Moodies on SACD! Cant wait.
Thanks for all your effort keeping us updated.
Going to see Rush in August!
"Ed Sawyer" good one!
RAY CHARLES-Genius Loves Company.
This Concord Records release will be his first full-length duets album.
(Concord has a special pre-order price)

CD is scheduled for release on 8/31/04
Hybrid Mutichannel SACD is scheduled for release on 9/14/04

featuring Norah Jones,James Taylor,Dianna Krall,Elton John,Natalie Cole,Bonnie Raitt,Willie Nelson,Michael McDonald,BB King, Gladys Knight, Johnny Mathis & Van Morrison.


BEN-A Job Well Done!


DEAD CAN DANCE - Various Artist - A Tribute to Dead Can Dance
Hi Ben! Hope life is being good to you. Did you see any of the Dylan shows in Scotland? Those CDs you sent are sweet!!! Thanks mate! Keep the news coming!
Ben, have you listened to a group called "The Streets."
I recently bought "Original Pirate Material" and having a hard time classifying the sound.
Oh ok a couple of shouts I need to answer......

Chris saw Dylan 3 times in 4 days including a surprise visit to Belfast as a present from a friend for my 40th.
The man was in great form (better than 2002 imho)and the Barrowlands gig in Glasgow (a small 2500 venue)was unbelievable-Like A Rolling Stone had to be heard to be believed Dylan was moved to comment (and you know that seldom happens)that we were the greatest audience he had ever played to.
Earlier during Just Like A Woman because of the singing from the crowd Dylan reverted back to the original phrasing!

I might get round to a thorough review of those gigs sometime.

Albert-yes but only casually HOWEVER the Audiogon Music Reviews which is being worked on in the background will feature (it's already written)a review of the new Streets album A Grand Don't Come For Free by one of the reviewers I've got aboard.
Weirdly I nearly bought OPM today!
It tends to be get linked in with what is known as Urban(and that category covers everything from soulful pop to hardcore Garage music ) here though obviously it's a hybrid of several styles.
Do you like it?

The 6 monthly review of 2003/2004 will be happening hopefully in the near future-some Audiogon regulars will feature-now if only Arnie would return my e-mails we might know where in cyberspace it might land!

Oh and new music news will be on here in a day or so-not particularly a lot to report but a few things worth looking out for.
Ben... I would love a tape of that Barrowlands show ;-))

I have new e-mail addy (lost my job, so no more e-mails at work):
Hi Ben,

Thanks for the time and effort you put in to bring us your reports. Just one thing, since new music is kind of weak how bout giving us a Mojo style update of hidden old gems or box sets from older artists that are appearing as new issues?


JSonic indeed this will be part of the Audiogon music reviews when it appears,there will be some scope once we get up and running to also modify things depending on feedback.
Since this is an Audio site I'm trying to get the balance right and therefore getting input from others on genres I'm less familar with.
Ultimately though the likes of Mojo is impossible to compete with as they just about cover every release.
At this stage Audigon Music reviews will be done by hobbyists for hobbyists then we simply don't have the resource (or the money!)to cover everything.
It also goes without saying we'll never please everybody either but hopefully it will enhance things around here.
Albert-yes but only casually HOWEVER the Audiogon Music Reviews which is being worked on in the background will feature (it's already written)a review of the new Streets album A Grand Don't Come For Free by one of the reviewers I've got aboard.
Weirdly I nearly bought OPM today!
It tends to be get linked in with what is known as Urban(and that category covers everything from soulful pop to hardcore Garage music ) here though obviously it's a hybrid of several styles.
Do you like it?

Sorry Ben to not notice your question. Yes I do like "The Streets" Original Pirate Material. Lots of energy, creative lyrics, great recording (on LP) delivered with a decidedly British accent.