Audiogon Music News April

Firstly let me assure Audiogoners that the proposed reviews section has not been forgotten.
The simple fact is that myself and Eileen my girlfriend have bought a bigger place and are in the process of selling our current home; this has pretty much tied me up for the past 6 weeks or so.
Sometime in June (hopefully) I’ll try to get a half yearly report out on 2004 reissues and releases that I have amassed and hopefully featuring the contributions of some other Audiogon members.

As always more later

PINK FLOYD-Conflicting reports this month on the 25th anniversary release of The Wall. According to James Guthrie (Floyd producer/engineer who is in charge of this re-master) that despite internet rumours the release will not be SACD however he did not rule out future SACD and 5.1 mixes of future Floyd re-masters however how this ties into the news below is a mystery to me.

On Sept 23rd Columbia Records apparently will reissue 6 later Floyd classics newly re-mastered) WISH YOU WERE HERE, ANIMALS, THE WALL, A COLLECTION OF GREAT DANCE SONGS, THE FINAL CUT and A MOMENTARY LAPSE OF REASON.
All are repackaged in deluxe packaging including original LP artwork and new photographs.

I would image the version of The Final Cut is the same as the one just recently re-released which sonically is an improvement from the last CD release.

Finally PULSE the concert film of post-Waters Floyd will be released later this summer as a double DVD.

BRIAN ENO-The next two years will see the entire back catalogue of the father of ambient’s work re-mastered and reissued on the EG label by Virgin.
Sleeve notes will feature elegies from famous fans.
The first batch from HERE COME THE WARM JETS to BEFORE AND AFTER SCIENCE are due on May 17th.
The following releases will appear in thematically grouped sets of 4 or 5.

KRAFTWERK-The rather tired sounding CD catalogue of the German electronic ground breakers get the repackaged and re-mastered treatment.
My bank balance takes a hammering sometime in May.

KATE BUSH-A new album should appear later in the year featuring ex-Japan bassist Mick Karn and orchestration by the late Michael Kamen.

PJ HARVEY-Has a new album out on 8th June entitled Uh Huh Her

NICK DRAKE-As mentioned last month his album of outtakes and unreleased material MADE TO LOVE MAGIC is out on May 24th on Island.

JOHN MARTYN-Has had his 22nd album released on the indepediente label.
Entitled ON THE COBBLES it features collaborations with Paul Weller, Nick McCabe and Mavis Staples.

COUCTEAU TWINS-4AD reissue their final two albums BLUE BELL KNOLL and HEAVEN OR LAS VEGAS in May.
Re-mastering is by Robin Guthrie.

JAPAN-David Sylvian’s original band get their first 4 albums reissued in re-mastered format. Available now they feature the high quality packaging that was evident on the Sylvian/Japan last set of remasters.

KEANE-A new and highly hyped UK band have their debut released on May 10th.
Entitled HOPES AND FEARS is released by Island and the three piece have been tipped for global success with their unusual line up of drums, vocals and keyboards they are said to sound like Coldplay.
Time will tell.

TONY BANKS-Keyboard player with Genesis and arguably the band’s strongest songwriter post-Gabriel has a classical album released on Naxos called Seven: A Suite For Orchestra.

MORRISSEY-After a few years without a record label has his new album YOU ARE THE QUARRY released in Mid-May

SCOTT WALKER-Sixties pop star turned avant garde music maker is working on his first album since 1995’s weird but enjoyable Tilt.
Released by 4AD it is pencilled in for autumn release.
Thanks Ben. It's wonderful that you're doing this. I hope you and your girlfriend sell your home quickly and have a smooth move.
Thank you Ben. Another great report. Best of luck with your new home and move.
Ben- Thanks for the interesting report. Will the "bigger place," allow to to have a separate listening space away from the TV? ;-) Dan
Good to see you posting again Ben. Hope your move goes smoothly and you will return soon and apply your unique review style to some of this music.
Thanks for the kind comments.

All things being equal we should be in our new flat by 11th of June.
We are moving 75 seconds up the road to a much bigger flat in the same street.
Dan one of the things we are currently discussing is splitting the TV and hi-fi.

My own flat should sell by Wednesday but it is a nervous stressful time as many of you will know.

Albert the pile of music to review is rather large but hopefully this labour of love will not get too much bigger before it is on here.

Whatever happens Audiogon will be updated with photo's and opinionated views once we are in and settled.
One of the things that has preyed on my mind during this time is my inability to post as much on here and tackle this in the fashion I would like.
Ben, your priorities seem spot on to me -- focus on home and hearth first. We all enjoy your musical insights and the breadth of knowledge that you have, but please don't feel anxious that other things are getting in the way of you sharing that with us right now.

I have a number of managers reporting to me. The other day, one of the best told me that she is constantly worried about her ability to manage. The managers who aren't worried are not doing as well. It seems to me that the very best, in anything, are internally driven and constantly strive toward the next level. Ben, I'd wager that even if everyone in Audiogon were to write you a note, you'd still worry about not posting as much as you'd like. But, speaking for myself, I'd encourage you not to let this prey on your mind right now.

Once you've moved and you're settled, please do let it prey on your mind because we all want to hear from you ;-)
Hey Ben I have a question for you about a rumor I heard about the upcoming Wilco release- I heard the release date has been bumped back till the end of June. Do you have any information about this? Thanks!
The Wilco album I believe is due on June 6th which I reported in my March news,however that is a UK date perhaps it was due sooner in the US/Canada.
I haven't heard anything else but they have a habit of putting their dates back

Apparently there is a download version kicking about (not a practise I take part in,honestly)and the intial reports on the music was that it was a little flat and aimless.
However reports now state that it is something of a sleeper.

A common complaint is that the experimental side of things is getting a bit tired certainly it has been a factor of their music for years now and I must admit that they do sometimes seem to veer off in aimless extended outro's.

There's a large percentage of their serious admirers who wish they would keep it simple.

Ozfly thanks,it was my aim to have something done by early April but events took over but yes I will keep the focus on the move till things are settled.
Hi Ben, long time no talk.
Have you spoken to audiogon about a seperate music review section? It seems to me your work here could be the start of it's own place on Audiogon's site. Keep up the great work and thank-you for the effort. I know it take alot of time.
Howdy hope you are well.

Yes this has been discussed and in theory Arnie likes the idea however he is a very busy man and at the moment how it all might pan out is sketchy.

However the idea in principle is as you describe.