Audiogon Is Still Relevent...Don't Listen to the Naysayers.

I've read many comments on here about all the negative aspects of Audiogon. The trolls and snarky comments do seem to be becoming more numerous, but there is still good information to be found here. I have been back in the audio world for about two years now and I found Audiogon soon after I purchased my first mistakes. I have since been scouring old threads and I've found that if you read enough of them, you start to see a consensus of what is good and what is crap. Reading one thread usually won't do it. Searching related threads and reading many threads seems to be the best way to glean the wheat from the chaff. By doing that you also gain respect for the members on Audiogon that really love this hobby and, while you may not agree with them all of the time, generally provide sound advice. I still read reviews online about products, but I will always come here and search opinions. I have upgraded my system a few times since joining Audiogon and each time I was very happy with the results. I recently posted a thread asking about the Cambridge Audio CXC and if it would be better than using my Cambridge Azur 651C as a transport.  I received a few comments and one in particular caught my eye. It was from a member who has posted positive Cambridge Audio comments in the past and in this comment he suggested the Audiolab 6000CDT. I researched the 6000CDT and there were very positive reviews from users and professional reviewers. I ordered one and received it yesterday. Right out of the box it sounded better than the 651C. I think I will be even happier when I get a few hours on it. Other purchases that I've been happy with, and Audiogon played a part in the decision, were my Hegel H390 integrated and my Focal Aria 936s. So, I'll keep reading the threads. I hope all of you true enthusiasts never stop posting, there are people out here reading and learning!
Its a great site !  This hobby like most people I read about has given me years of enjoyment. I truly appreciate the effort and time people have put in sharing their knowledge and experience . A good friend of mine who introduced me to the site instructed me to ignore the negatives. 
Great advice. I just skip over the trolls and move on....... Thank you to all the contributors.
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     I stated on an earlier post:" I hang around here because I'm retired, suddenly have extra time on my hands and have nothing better to do."

     Cleeds then felt the need to post and state: "That's just sad."

Hello cleeds,

     Thank you for your concern but there's really no need to fret.  My statement was facetious and made in an attempt to be sardonic. While it is true that I'm retired, I'm actually the opposite of sad and have numerous hobbies and interests that usually keep me quite busy but currently only fairly so.  This is mainly due to Covid-19 restricting my varied and extensive travel plans. 

Thanks again for your concern,

I don’t read or post much here, but I do get the email recaps. This thread subject was basically bait that I couldn’t resist, being so obviously false.
Great site! Learned much about audio, became acquainted with equipment I would otherwise miss, and have made friends via PMs.
I am retired and enjoy visiting here most every morning.