AudiogoN introduces ''The Hub''

We get it. You only hear from us when it's bad news. We know the feeling: an email, a letter, a phone call that prompts the response: "What do THEY want??" We get it. We just don't want THAT to be your reaction when you hear from us at Audiogon. Somewhere along the way we went from being the college-kid with the bitchinest stereo in the dorm, to being the old guy screaming, "TURN THAT THING DOWN!"

... and we SO don't want to be like that. Really, we LOVE Urge Overkill!

Things change: you get married, you have kids, you switch from tubes to Class-D...but that doesn't mean you can't still have fun. We know that we started the Gon in order to have fun (and maybe, ahem, make a little money), but somewhere along the line it got SO big that someone had to be the cop. Imagine our surprise when we realized that WE were going to have to be the cop. Bummer. So: consider this the voice of the Good Cop. Y'know, the one who jumps your car when your battery dies, and buys you doughnuts. Not the one who gives you a $600 ticket for having a license-plate light out.

We want you to know what's going on in the neighborhood. And it's a BIG FREAKIN' neighborhood. The worlds of music and audio, the 10,000 or so ads we run every day, all those people building cool things all over the world - that's what we're going to talk about. We'll tell you about new features on the Gon (and there are going to be a LOT of those) and bring you industry news, maybe even a history lesson or two. But don't worry, you won't have to memorize dates. We promise. It will resemble a blog, where each blog entry will have a discussion thread in the forums for your comments and questions.

We're going to call this The Hub. Maybe a little presumptuous saying we're at the center of everything, but doesn't being the highest-ranked audio website in the world entitle us to a little bit of an ego? No? Oh, well. We'll try to keep it under check. But we're still going to talk about the world of audio, and the world of Audiogon, every day during the week if our fingers don't burst into flames, or our heads explode. And with a little luck you'll like us ... REALLY like us.

I am delighted. I am looking forward to reading from real Audiogon movers&shakers! GUido
hubba hubba !
Awesome- I welcome the change.
Great to hear. Hopefully you introduce more updated technology for blogging and posting pictures of your components with better user interaction.
Excellent! I hope there are some improvements regarding customer support also. Cheers!
Sorry to be dense...I ain't getting it. Is "The Hub" going to be a new site/link/option within Audiogon or is Audiogon morphing into something you will call "The Hub". A'gon goes away??? I will now log into something called, "The Hub"??? (contextual question: What's "Urge Overkill"?) Tnanks.
Please keep things simple! That's one of the great parts of this site. Easy to load, search, understand. It ain't pretty but it works. Careful how ya fix it.
After being a member of audiogon for seven years or so, things started to get a little stale. I, for one, welcome the change, and hope it is what will draw me back to this site.
Have to agree with not fixing something that works well........Its kinda like a very succesfull store that decides to invest millions $$$ by adding on a larger builing,and two years later its out of business..Its just not neccesary..Leave things the way the are..Change is not always a plus.........
And please keep things accessible. . . Audiogon is one of the few social networking sites that works with access technology for blind audiophiles. . . i.e. the JAWS screen reader. I will be more than delighted to assist if Audiogon needs more information with that. . . I am an IT accessibility consultant with over 20 years of experience in the domain. G.
Thank you all for your comments. All are read and seriously considered (or comically considered, when appropriate).

Regarding functionality:
we ain't gonna fix what ain't broke. Audiogon is designed to work with whatever delivery mechanism any user may have, anywhere in the world. If there's someone out there still using WebTV, it'll probably even work on that. Bandwidth? We don't need no stinkin' bandwidth!

Thorman: one of the topics you'll read about here is how the audio industry IS changing, and what happens to those companies that don't keep up. Don't worry: this won't be New Coke.

Ghosthouse: the site will still be Audiogon, only better. We're not going to change the name of the most-recognized, most heavily trafficked audio website in the world. The Hub will be there; you can read it, or not. Your choice. We hope you will read it.

And SURELY you know that Urge Overkill is a band, named after a Parliament lyric, which toured with Nirvana and Pearl Jam, and covered a hokey Neal Diamond song in "Pulp Fiction". C'mon--EVERYBODY knows that. Even Wikipedia.

Thanks again, everyone. See you around.
the site will still be Audiogon, only better. We're not going to change the name of the most-recognized, most heavily trafficked audio website in the world.

Thanks for this clarification. I'm kinda like my cat.. in that I don't like change. You've made me feel better..
Interesting. Promising. Could this be an era of a new openess (i.e. the old openess) at Audiogon. Remains to be seen, but go for it guys, show us what you got and where it comes from!
Thanks A'gon people. I'm with Classicall...not big on change but no worries based on your explanation. I'll be curious to see what The Hub brings. (and really I didn't know Urge Overkill. On reflection, I guess I just prefer to remain ignorant about some things).
So is this a new era for AudioGon? I was gettin' a little grumpy....but now they sound like we read off the same page!

So I have an idea. That you sparked with the first post about your first system.

What was the first system you had, where you felt you were REALLY headed towards high fidelity? Even if you are showing holes in your underwear?

Just the gear...

Mine was the second system I bought:

Marants 2215B
Sankyo casette deck
Garrard 40B turntable
Jansson speakers

Chears...Kevin Deal
Jeez, Kev--you can't afford to be grumpy before a show!

Before the time described in the blog I poached my brother's system, which was not great:

EPI 100 speakers (not horrible until tweeter blew!)
Junky changer from NiViCo (JVC's entry into the US)
Not quite as junky receiver from NiViCo (with cool EQ sliders)

Hard to believe that was moving UP, but compared to a Zenith compact, it was. Things were simpler then!
I don't just like you. I "like" like you :p

Sorry, I know I'm new and all, but it did have to be said, after all.
Thanks, Rob, but you're just not Winnie Cooper.

Glad you like or..or like like it.
10-05-09: Audiogon_bill
Thanks, Rob, but you're just not Winnie Cooper.

Audiogon_bill (Threads | Answers)

First it's about a group called Urge Overkill, now it's about Winnie Coopers automobiles.

And why is it a "Winnie" Cooper? Is that a Mini for Winnie the Poo?

As Emily Litella (Gilda Radner) would say, "Next you'll be wanting to save Endangered Feces and marching on Washington for Eagle Rights."
Well that is good to know that things will not change around here. I guess the Hub will just provide a way for us to get other information and updates that we might need. Sounds good.
I like, good writing -- FUN! :-)
Tally ho!

I believe I may have met you on the elevator at a Montreal SSI show awhile back.

You or the fellow I met posted a photo of myself and my friend in the show coverage that year.

I came across the Hub while looking up articles about Acoustat Monitor X speakers, which I now own.

I 've been a fan of this speaker for over 30 years and a few of my friends have owned them since they first came out.
In fact my friend in the photo has several pairs.

Finding the Hub has been great,as it brings back a lot of memories for me and for the newbies,it's just priceless information.

Keep up the great work.