Audiogon infested with pop-up ads

I use an ad-blocker on my phone. Recently the forum crashes on one type of browser so I switched to Google Chrome and have no blocker on it. I'm stunned as how almost unusable AG is with the infestation of ads. Even since yesterday, a new type appears slap-bang in the middle of the feed. 



Are you IOS or Android?

 I’m IOS and am using Safari and get none. I tried Chrome years ago and don’t remember why I didn’t like it,  but now you gave me a good reason to stay away from Chrome.

@curiousjim Android. Samsung S21. The native browser croaks on the forum. Started a few weeks ago. So I switched to Chrome. That had the ads. They were top and bottom but tolerable. Yesterday, they started popping up in line over the posts. It was impossible to interact. After firing off my irate post, I switched to Edge and that fixed it. All good now. I guess my point is that if you do experience the ads, how can you stand it? 🤔 Hopefully, this will help those in that position. Note, I understand AG has to make money, and that the ads help in that, but they are so omnipresent that the site on a phone is challenging to use.

They already do make money from the listing and selling fees they charge sellers. My laptop running Firefox locks up now when I try get on these forums.  It’s horrible. 

I do get the stuff at the top and the bottom as well. I’m wondering if there are some privacy or cookie settings that can help you tame this beast?

I'm so used to seeing these everywhere that they don't bother me anymore...