Audiogon@HE2003 : Gon'er Roundup

All Audiogon'ers going to San Francisco should chime-in here, and tell everyone:

1) What days will you be there?
2) What would be a simple but clear method to spot other Goners?
3) What might be a good meeting place after show hours but near the hotel?

If there appears to be one day where a bunch of Goners will be around, perhaps a good meeting place and a particular time could be agreed upon within this thread.

If we could agree on a simple means to spot other Goners, it would be great to connect faces with Usernames.
In terms of meeting up, Friday or Saturday evening should be the most leisurely (least stressful?) days for everyone. If you are familiar with San Francisco, and in particular the downtown Westin, please post your suggestions. If we don't find a good spot before the show, we can still post on this thread from the show itself, after scouting the hotel. Just drop by the Internet Cafe to post or see what others have found.
In terms of spotting other Goners, one idea we had was for everyone to swing by the Internet Cafe, and pick up a name badge. We don't think the Show itself will have name badges for "attendees", but they may give everyone something to show they have paid. So it is possible that most attendees are not wearing any badges at all. If so, it may be a little silly for a few Goners to be wearing one? Perhaps we could wear the name badges just at our meeting time? But if there IS a badge given to all show goers, perhaps Goners could write a Big, Bold "A" on the badge somewhere? Any other ideas and comments are most welcome.
Are there dates associated with this event?
I, for one, will go by the "internet cafe".

Richard (from downtown San Francisco)
my wife and i will be there for the 3 days. we will also go by the internet cafe.
An easy way to spot other Goner's would be if everyone dyed their hair lime green with purple spots. While i won't be attending and don't have to worry about doing this, i'd LOVE to see the pictures : ) Sean
Print your user name and rating on a name card. Actually, why doesn't audiogon make up some graphic that users can download and print on some blank sticker.
They are talking about the Home Entertainment Show (HE2003) being held in San Francisco from June 5-8, 2003.

Check out this thread:
I expect to be there Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Last year in NY, advance ticket holders were also admitted on Thursday, which I am disappointed they are not extending this year. Think I could sneak in?
I will be there Friday and Saturday. Be sure to check out the Analog Room location, say hello to Brian, and meet one of the few "real" analog dealers left standing.
Our group will be there, in several locations, but will certainly make it a point to stop by the internet cafe. We will also have room designs with us for demonstration for all that are interested.
Did you request an acoustically inferior room for purposes of A/B'ing the PARC system?

Seriously, though, I would have interest in hearing a with and without PARC set-up. Plans for that?
We will have PARCs in at least 4 rooms. All four have some pretty serious mode problems based on their dimensions (no--I didn't pick the rooms). The PARC has a front panel bypass, which is a true bypass of the filter stages so you can A/B any room that has the PARC. Go to our HE 2003 link and click on show information you can see a little more about what we will be doing there and what rooms we are exhibiting in.
I won't be at the show but why not use the the thumbs up display you have on the dealer showcase on some kind of id badge the hotel may have. Just a thought.
Won't ya sell some T-shorts here?
Richard Thompson will be playing FREE!!!!
Saw Thompson a week ago Saturday and he was dynamite - worth the $25 I PAID! ;-)
Anyway, are there going to be any 'showrooms' with some nice equipment for us to audition (kind of like ces)?
Yes, that's what it is. Hotel rooms with systems playing music. As far as us audiophiles are concerned, it is largely like CES with fewer exhibitors.
I will be there on Saturday all day, while the wife shops. I will be looking for the guy who sold me the bad 12AX7's on audiogon! (just kidding). See you there. Waltw
We'll be there - bringing some Edge Signature One monoblocks to use in the Edge/Callix room but mostly just having fun looking to hear more great equipment and music. We will do our usual show report commentary which we will post after the show (with pictures where possible).

The Westin is divided into old and 'new' buildings. The older one has rooms that have 9 - 10 foot tall ceilings, if I remember correctly and very thick, solid walls. Should be great rooms for a show like this.

And remember the famous Mark Twain quote: 'The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco'. The breeze there can sometimes make one feel awfully sorry about wearing shorts and short-sleeve shirts.

- Mike (justacoder) and Neli
I will be there showing the new Penaudio speakers ( with the new CJ Premier 140 amp. Please feel free to stop by for a listen and a place to rest your feet.
We'll be in the Hampton Room at the show,
with Manley Labs, Cardas Audio, Orpheus Labs,
Equi=tech, Grand Prix Audio, ASC tube traps, and
a La Luce turntable/spj arm.

Look forward to seeing all 'Goners at the show!

Jeff Joseph/JosephAudio

Sounds like a great set up. Which Manley amps? I will stop over and vise-versa. See you out there. Val
If I go, I'll wear big "Gunbei" in 3d letters on top of my head. After all, I am one of them there artsy fellars.

Let's meet at Deja Vu Centerfolds!

391 Broadway, near Chintown.

Kennedy and Macy will treat us REAL good.
We're going to be giving out Rives Audio buttons. I recommend all A-goners wear these buttons to be recognized:)
My lapel is for rent, rives.
Hi gang, I've lived here in SF 16 years and can tell you that June weather will be pretty chilly at night(mid 50's) (yeah,i know that's not really cold,blah,blah,blah) Hope to finally meet all the Audiogoners I've learned from. John