Audiogon/HD Tracks $5 offer

This may be old news, but I haven't seen this before. Yesterday (saturday) morning I received an email from audiogon with an offer from Audiogon/HD Tracks for a high quality download for $5. I went to HD Tracks, I hadn't been there in quite some time since I had decided to no longer download FLAC and last time I was there, they didn't offer WAV. To my surprise, they now offer WAV downloads and this particular offer was various Chesky recordings in 16/44 or 24/96 or 24/192, your choice all resolutions at the same price of $4.98. I downloaded 24/192 and yes, it was $4.98. I have only briefly listened, but they seem to all be very well done recordings. I just want to make everyone aware and to thank Audiogon for this terrific value.
Kewl. Wish I got the offer...
since I've downloaded, I have seen the offer here on Audiogon. Click on your sign in page, its on the right side.
Why did you decide to abandon FLAC?
Hi Peter,
In my system, WAV is just better. In 90+ percent of recordings I have used, you could tell a difference.
The Higher the quality of the recording, combined with higher bit rates and frequencies, the harder to tell the differences.
On normal CD conversion, it was no contest, WAV had a touch better focus, a touch better harmonic richness and a touch better bass.... When I got to the best recordings in very high res, the differences were not always as pronounced, but in 90+ percent, there was a difference.
I finally converted around 150 or so flac files to WAV and even on some of the conversions, WAV was better.
Interesting. The thing that holds me back from WAVE is the lack of embedded tagging informaion. Have you tried AIFF? At least that has tagging information...
I've been a PC guy from day one, haven't ventured into MAC, so no, I haven't used AIFF, but just for info, when I converted Flac files to WAV, they retained all tagging info.
Using Fidelia, I converted a couple of FLAC tracks to WAV and I think it does sound a bit more open with a wider stage.