Audiogon has no 'likes'

Hi Does anyone really misses here on Audiogon possibility to like someone's post or tweet or FB?
?????? What are you talking about?
"Hi Does anyone really misses here on Audiogon possibility to like someone's post or tweet or FB?"

That would be a definite NO. I don't Tweet or Facebook or any of the other BS out there.
"....That would be a definite NO. I don't Tweet or Facebook or any of the other BS out there...."

+ 1
+ 2 (or whatever we're up to when this posts!). It also irritates me when companies require you to "Like" them in order to sign up or register for something. I know companies do this in other ways as well but this is too blatant a bribe for my tastes.
"....That would be a definite NO. I don't Tweet or Facebook or any of the other BS out there...."

Count me in on the "NO" votes here; Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and the like are consuming the world and not in a productive way or one conducive to people still knowing how to communicate with each other.
"....That would be a definite NO. I don't Tweet or Facebook or any of the other BS out there....," THUMBS UP!
Wow this is very important.
+1 like to Ebm tho weather you like it or not.
Isn't ironic that so many are "liking" the absence of a one-touch "liking" system? I'm okay either way--I use the system when it's there but there's something a little queer about it.
"Isn't ironic that so many are "liking" the absence of a one-touch "liking" system?"

Too funny...
How about reply links to an individual member's answer to the post?
WTF's a tweet? A bird? Facebook, biggest load of crap, just put your info
out there for the world to infiltrate, then regret it too late.
Sorry, big no here.
What is face book? Is this all cartoon stuff? We got tom and jerry's tweety bird huh? And a book about faces. I like Tom and Jerry but I don't know what the ???? is a face book. Maybe It comes after the magazines 'self' and 'I'. Does this have something to do with the look on peoples faces of when they get a new wire or something?
Never had a Twitter or Instagram account. I deactivated my Facebook page years ago and only wish I had done it sooner. I guess at 38 I'm officially a curmudgeon. Now get out of my yard and slow the hell down!
It really looks like Audiogon is perfect as-is and needs no changes in its functionality.
it loads a little slow sometimes....
Another definite no- I do not facebook nor tweet.
I will always miss the old "gon". Leave it the way it is currently. It is okay the way it is. Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
Is the ads that keep popping up a new addition to Audiogon
or an artifact of my browser ?

Yes, most of the modern day social media makes as much sense as like this post,
however I definitely like this.
Czarivey, can we assume that "perfect as-is" was sarcasm?

recently they seem to have broken the picture function, now pics frequently must be opened one at a time.
Lloydc...if you click on the left side of the picture, it will advance to the next picture, if you click on the right side of the picture, it will go back to the previous picture.

Most sites have arrows at the side of the picture, but not here, yet anyway.
I'm not sarcastic, I just do a simple math to derive conclusions based on statistics:

If audiophiles usually want to change and upgrade things saying that Audiogon is perfect as-is and needs no improvement than here is my derived conclusion about site.

My personal conclusion though might be different because:

My home audio system is perfect as-is and needs no improvement or upgrades what-so-ever. Touche!
Schubert , the adds the keep popping up are probably your browser. I get them also at work , but not on my home computer.
Times change quickly. It wasn't that long ago I said I would never text. I don't initiate them, just follow through.
Just found a nut on my keyboard...
When they come up with an anti-social network I might sign up. As Schubert asks - anyone else finding recently that 3rd party non-audio related advertising on A'gon has become much more intrusive and annoying?
+1 for me on that. -1 on missing "likes".
Re ads: I use Firefox as my browser and installed the AdBlock Plus extension. Ads are MUCH less of a problem now. Sorry that this is somewhat off-topic.
It is so nice to hear that there are other sane humans that are not engaged with facebook, twitter etc...
Djohnson54, From here on I declare discussion of the website quality related.
Thanks to those who commented on ads,I think I will go back
to Firefox as Mr.johnson said .

I love Facebook, it helps me to know,fact certain, that I'm
dealing with someone of little smarts and less imagination .
@Schubert- AdBlock is available for Google Chrome as
well(just btw). Never get ads, on this site.
I use Google Chrome with a program called Ghostery. I don't get ads on this site or any other and it blocks all of the tracking that goes on behind the scenes.

I sometimes have to "pause" it on certain sites, but it seems to work very well.
My only experience with Facebook was when my sister made an account for me. She did it on her computer. I never used it and had over 6 pages of likes and friends, all who I didn't know, save for a relative or two. I never used it. One day I got a notice from Facebook that someone in Poland hacked my account and I got rid of it.

Bigger waste of time than this place. :-)

All the best,
Thanks to Djohnson and Rodman for the AdBlock tip. Just installed it on Safari. Seems to have removed that pesky old guy wagging his finger at me on the Audiogon forums home page.
No interest in Farcebook.

And I also thank those for the tips on ad blocking extensions. After a little investigation, I decided to try "uBlock Origin" with Chrome, which according to reviews, works extremely well and requires much less CPU and memory. Since the installation about 2 days ago, it has blocked over 7,500 ads, and no doubt pages are loading faster.
My thanks as well to djohnson and rodman for the advice. I looked around and found Adblock on apple's site and it was free so I tried it and there are no more pop ups (including that numbskull waving his finger at me) on this site.

Feeling good about it I donated $10 the the team that made the app. I did the same for AdwareMedic as it does a wonderful job on Macs.

All the best,
Hmmm, I've been using AdBlock for so long, I never even knew there were popups after the redesign. :)
Thus far; my AdBlock has eliminated over 582K unwelcome intrusions. Well worth the $30 I donated, a couple years back. ENJOY!
It really seems that expressing on how bad or good FB is does not bring any point.
"Tweet or FB" meant to share on FB certain pictures, comments or items for sale. I do that once in a while off the ebay on the items I sell in certain groups(hey super nice site check it out!). It helps my business. FaceBook, Tweeter are cool and can be used as tool!
One nice thing I appreciate about the Adblock app is that my screen no longer jumps (stutters) as it settles in. Apparently there is a lot more going on with those intrusive pop ups. I just click and it opens and doesn't move anymore.

All the best,
Yes, you may be right, but you are also being used as a tool by them.
man you can register as Abraham Lincoln on FB or as Ludwig Van Beethoven without revealing your privacy. It's your personal choice there.
I use it and find it handy. As stated above, you control your privacy. You'll only be linked to the people you want. Many people who don't know any better shouldn't even be using it. The link I provided above was to show how they make their money, and how they should be paying the users who provide them with all of the info they receive. They don't get any info from me, so I don't qualify. This info business is not lost with Microsoft either. If you upgraded to Windows 10 using their handy-dandy free links, they'll have access to a lot of your personal information, and will be able to use your computer for their own needs. Check out I provided this link in another thread, but it will help to keep prying eyes out of your info.
I know.

Zuckerman actually provides info out of his privacy info bank to FBI so they can use their informants to set up and/or to agitate terrorist and radical Islamic activity mostly among the brown doodz with little to no income.
It's Government funded engine for that purpose. Figure why MZ is billionaire -- piece of cake.
FBI agents also set up and agitate gun violence based on profiles they ran so to scare us off. The pattern on such set ups as follows:
1. Shooting at given public place with so-many killed and/or wounded; 2. Law enforcement(police or FBI) identifies a suspect and reports it to the media with his picture; 3. Police(or FBI) finds suspect and kills during resisting arrest; 4. The suspect is usually some doped or homeless black American or Hispanic immigrant; 5. Case successfully closed and reported to the media.
To get our privacy back I think Rand Paul with his administration will be to help if elected.
This is getting political. Cease and desist!
Bartender! Find out what he's drinking and order me a case.