Audiogon Express Checkout and payment from Audiogon?

Audiogon Members

What has been your experience using Audiogon Express Checkout service? I have found it not acceptable at all. 
I shipped out component, component was confirmed delivered and now Audiogon wants to hold onto my money which they have in their account for another 8 days! Are you kidding me? The buyer has the component and is using it for 8 days before Audiogon decides to send me the payment into my checking account which they got over 2 weeks ago! You have to wait like 2+ weeks after they get paid after shipping after delivery and another 8 days? 

It makes no sense to me that Audiogon can hold onto our money for 7-8 days AFTER delivery and after the buyer is using the component for over a week for free. We have absolutely no control over our money and when we get it. What happens if the buyer breaks the component or something happens to it prior to use getting paid by Audiogon during this 8 day holding period after delivery? Absolutely crazy. 

I would never use Express checkout again.