Audiogon Anti-Lowball Offer setting

Hey everyone,

I don’t know if you all saw this but I got an e-mail from A’gon stating they have a new feature in place to hinder insane lowball offers.

After you log in go to your Account and select Edit Account. Then scroll down in the Policies section there is a check box to automatically reject lowball offers.


Lowball offers

Automatically reject offers below 55% of your asking price,

I wish this could be user specific. I would have set this to 45% off of listing price for my tastes but it is a start for Audiogon.

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The sad fact is that they would not be doing this if it were not a successful buying method for them. For every 20 ads they throw a lowball offer at and get laughed at or yelled at, they probably will get one desperate seller to bite.

It's very similar to the young guy who has too much self esteem issues, just asking 100 women to sleep with him. Sure, he may get spit on and slapped dozens of times......but the payoff is worth it to him if 1 or 2 of them say yes.

Some people just have no problem handling rejection.
Either they enjoy the rejection, or they must catch some fish using their buying methodology.
Part of the problem is many jack up their asking prices past market value  . Someone makes  what they think low ball offer and that offer gets accepted . They do the same on the next item for sale that is priced right and bam ! you have your low ball . Some blame can be attributed to the high price listings .
A while back I had a seller send me a very nasty response accusing me of lowballing him when my offer was 10% off of his list. 

What I've learned from this thread is I my offers are way too high.
3 weeks ago a listing for a Simaudio w-5 amplifier came up . I had some interest as i owned the matching pre at the time . The seller was asking 2k . It sold the very next day for $1500 . 25% off original listing . Had I known he would accept that i would have made an offer or would have done a buy it now . The lesson to me is make any offer (within reason) .
Valid points  maplegrovemusic and  jmcgrogan2. I think there are people out there who get off on the rejection and there are sellers out there who have created these lowballers. It ruins it for the sellers who list fairly. Oh well. I'm learning to just deal with it and when I see an offer on Audiogon I expect the worst rather than hope for a sale.