Audiofest in Michigan Oct 9th and 10th

Hi all,

This upcoming weekend (Oct 9th & 10th) I will be hosting an audio get together in West Bloomfield Michigan (approximately 50 minutes North of Detoilet).

The event will feature a six amplifier showdown, a five pre-amp comparison along with a demo of my new Epiphany 20-21 speakers and a new "Super Monitor" that will be available in early 2005 by Ridge Street Audio. There will be plenty of other audio "surprises" as well.

Feel free to contact me via email or phone at 248-798-9555 if you are interested in attending.

Eric Hider
Which amps and preamps are you comparing?
What other suprises?Let me guess.BABES with mini skirts on.I'll be there.
Babes with mini skirts? an audio get together?...............YOU BET!

Currently we are having a brass pole cryo treated. It is made out of 16 nines brass. The resonant points will be damped with carbon fiber cones attached to a maple floor that is suspended with Aurios bearings.