Audioengine w3

I am looking for alternatives to the discontinued Squeezebox line. I currently use an SB Classic in my mid-fi system (1984 Klipsch heresys and a Jolida tube integrated) and a Modwright Transporter for my hi-fi (Aerial 9s, etc.). I already have my music ripped to a NAS and have my network set up.

I want to stream music from my NAS and music from Mog nka beats with J.River.

I am pretty certain that for my nice system, i will stream my music with a Sonore Rendu to a nice DAC. Now, i am trying to figure out what to use to stream my tunes to a DAC in my 2nd system as the Rendu is too expensive for my pocketbook and my second system.

So, the Audioengine W3 looks promising and it is cheap. Any one use one of these? Any thoughts on whether this is a good solution?

Thanks in advance.
I am a Squeezebox user with two TOuches and a Radio, music server.

IT looks like a pretty smart and useful solution to try if the goal is just to get (CD quality) music from computer to stereo cost effectively and something I would be interested in accordingly.

So not a direct apples/apples replacement for Squeezebox system, but a very interesting and cost effective alternative if it meets ones goals. Would be interested to hear how sound quality compares.

Amazon has good return policy, so little risk in trying and seeing I suppose.

It could work well as a supplement to Squeezebox even rather than a replacment in that it would enable any audio source accessible from the computer to be played over a stereo system, like youtube for example. Lots of nice things to listen to there! That cannot be done TTBOMK with SB alone. SB does not provide open internet access to music sources TTBOMK only certain sources integrated by design.

Looks like USB digital output on teh receiver only so that might limit choices of external DAC if used. Also not all USBs are equal when it comes to sound quality.

In general I would expect pretty good results with this and seems easily worth a try for the price.

ANy other similar competing devices out there I wonder? I would expect to see more like this in the future.

Problem with SB is it packed many features into an affordable package that was probably not very profitable for Logitech.

I like the idea of a device that only wirelessly connects computer as a source to audio gear at CD like data rates. That should enable very robust and good sounding products for many for not much marginal cost over already owning the computer and stereo.

Audiophiles like to use their own DACs largely. ALso mobile and portable wireless devices reduceor eliminate the need for a touch screen on the digital audio source component, so those parts of SB Touch technology in particular are not hard to replace.
How would you stream MOG using JRiver?
Any thoughts on the AE D2? Is the dad comparable to the dad in an SB?
D2 looks nicer and has digital optical output that should work with most DACs. I've never used SB Touch DAC but most think it to be pretty solid if not quite absolute top notch.

Nice to know about these. Thanks.
How would you use jriver to stream Mog?
Hmmmm, I thought JR had relationships with all the main streaming services. I just read, however, that that is not the case. Apparently, however, they are working on a relationship with Beats. I don't get why the streaming services wouldn't want all the server softwares to have their service available.