Audioengine W1, interferes with my wifi, fix?

Hooked up the Audioengine W1 to my Velodyne DD12. Problem is it completely wipes out my home network. Network is a Sprint mobile internet box. The network box runs my home network & printer. Disconnect the W1 and viola' the network works. I emailed the mfg., but since its Saturday and the Mrs. would like to finish moving the furniture I thought I would post here.
Thanks for any help.
Regards, John
Log on to the administrative management screens of the internet box. Its manual should tell you how to do that. Then try the following:

1)Enable SSID broadcast, if it is not already enabled. The W1's description indicates that it dynamically changes frequency to avoid wifi channels that it detects are in use. Depending on the W1's design, it seems conceivable to me that enabling SSID broadcast in the internet box might make it more likely that the W1 will continuously sense the presence of the wifi network.

2)If "beacon interval" is set to be significantly longer than 100 milliseconds, change it to that value.

3)Change wifi channels. From among the 11 numbered channels, choose a number that is as far as possible from the one that is presently in use. Your wirelessly connected computers should automatically find the new channel; I suspect that the printer will also but I'm not sure about that.

4)The problem could be that the W1's transmitter is located such that the signal from the internet box is too weak at that point for the W1 to detect it, and so the W1 will not "know" to avoid the wifi frequency that is being used. If that seems like a possibility, and if practicable, try re-locating the internet box or the W1 transmitter so they are closer to each other (but not too close, i.e., not within a few feet of each other).

5)Conversely, if the W1's transmitter and the internet box are presently within a few feet of each other, move them further apart.

6)If you have any other wireless device in the house that may also operate in the 2.4gHz band, try turning it off. If the W1 senses a stronger signal from that device than from the internet box, the presence of that other signal may "force" the W1 onto the wifi channel that is being used.

Hope that helps,
-- Al
Thanks for the input. More work as you mentioned above is in order. I'll give it a shot.
Thanks, John