Audioengine A5 vs Quad Actives 11L

Has anyone compared these two or have experience with both pair?
I've owned the A5's since December and I have no experience with the Quad Actives 11L. What I can tell you about the A5's is that they have an amazingly smooth midrange with clear and open highs and amazing bass for such a small design. They are never harsh no matter what I play through them.

I use them as computer speakers and I can honestly say that for the money there is nothing out there designed to work with the PC that can best these. I've dealt with Creative, Logitech, Klipsch, and Swan and these are by far my favorites.

The only thing that I can knock them on would be dynamics. They are not the most dynamic speaker of choice but for low level listening while sitting at my computer they perform just fine.
I have listened to both and can tell you unequivocally the Quads are better in ALL sound aspects and look better. Phil Brady.
Not that you asked but the quads are more than twice the price. I have the A5's and they are very nice but no experience with the Quads.
I totally agree with Phil Brady. The Quads are in another league, as they should be.
A little more info I sat my AE 5's up on stands next to my thiels, a more critical listening position, with a zune front end playing lossless files. And they sound pretty amazing! Especially when you consider I spent more on my interconnects between my amp and pre-amp than these speakers cost. My comments pretty much mimic what laserboi has said.
I agree pretty good value when you consider the 50 watt amps built in.

They appear to lack the full clarity and openess that I tend to associate with active speakers (they are really just powered speakers with just one amp per channel so they probably have the usual passive crossover issues). And the dynamics and particularly the bass response are quite obviously what you would expect for such little money. However they are miles ahead of most computer speakers (not however the NHT MOO/SOO but that is a price jump of more than $1000)

The reality is that they do outperform many "audiophile" speakers and some that are more than four times their price. So in summary, do I think the "buzz" they have achieved in the market is entirely warrented....ABSOLUTELY!