AudioEngine A5 hook-up question

Using an Apple Airport Express into the back of the left speaker, and streaming music wirelessly from my MacBook Pro will be really convenient, and should sound mighty fine. USB cable from MacBook Pro into an HRT Music Streamer II, then RCA analog interconnect cables to the left speaker (via the "Y" adapter) will give better sound. BUT.... is the improved sound of the USB DAC set-up that significant as to "overtake" the convenience of the Airport Express set-up ? Any thoughts ? My critical listening sessions are done with my main system (see my system.) This new computer set-up is for "background listening" while I'm working in my upstairs library.
AE has high jitter (2400ps) on analog outs. It is better to use it with Toslink and a DAC (258ps).
AE with analog out sounds pretty bad to me. If you ran out of the AE optical into a DAC then it will greatly improve the sound. Otherwise the USB DAC should be a lot better. I think AE and Apple TV both sound great via optical cable into a DAC so yes wireless can sound great but you need a DAC.
Thanks.......... It seems as if MacBook Pro via USB to Streamer II to AudioEngine is the way to go.
Well, I'm only two hours into listening, but my initial impressions are pretty darn good. FedEx delivered my AudioEngine A5's this morning. Very easy to hook up...... computer via a Belkin Gold USB cable to HRT Music Streamer II, AudioQuest Sidewinder IC's from Streamer II to AudioEngine left speaker (using the supplied RCA to 3.5 mm. adapter), left to right speaker via supplied cable. Two hours of listening to ..... really, really good sound. I'm sure they'll improve as they break in, but so far, .... WOW !! So now, where do I spend more time ? In my library with this sweet sounding computer based system, or in my music room with my turntable, tubes and Vandersteens ? Ahhhh... decisions, decisions !! A happy healthy New Year to all my Audiogon friends and Happy Listening !!!