AudioEngine 2 vs AudioEngine5?

Greetings everyone,
Based on feedback from an audiophile family member and strong reviews, I am considering picking up a pair of AudioEngine powered monitors for my desktop.

Any thoughts on the AE2 vs the AE5? Have Audiogon folks been happy w/ AE2's on their desktop... or do most go for the AE5's?

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I like the AE 2.0s and Blue Sky Audio's EXO System. I own both and prefer the EXO system. You can get that at Guitar Center for $200 and it has deeper defined bass and dynamics if you are using compressed digital files. I am also hearing good things from my studio friends in the UK about a new speaker out of Germany called, I believe, Adam. I have not heard them but I trust their opinions.
I have the A5's on my desktop, and yes they are a little big, but they sound stunning connected to my Benchmark DAC1, playing Apple Lossless files.

Highly Recommended!
I really like the A2s for their sound and portability. While they normally sit on my desk at home, when I go on vacation, they're easy to pack along with my Squeezebox.
I just received the new desktop speaker stands from Audioengine a couple days ago - nice value at $30/pair - and they seem a perfect match, provided you want to have the speakers held at an angle pointing up a bit. In my bedroom I DO want the A5's at such an angle so it's perfect. On my desktop I'm using Black Diamond Racing Cones to raise the M-Audio's off the desk without an angle (they are already near ear level.).
I had the A2s and sent them back, vocals did not sound good to me. I bought the M-Audio AV40 -- bigger, but fantastic sound.